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Tehzeeb Bakers Price List 2024 Pizza, Cake

Posted by hasnain sial
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    In the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Tehzeeb Bakers now opened and introduced different of bakery items like Pizza, sandwiches, and especially cake. Now, people ask about Tehzeeb Bakers price list 2024 because they prepare cake on order. Range of cakes are available along with different sizes and prices. They also started fresh Pizza in different flavors while Tehzeeb Baker Special Cake is also outstanding in taste and presentation. Further, Tehzeeb Bakers price list 2024 has all of varieties that are selling from their shop.

    Tehzeeb Bakers Price List 2024

    After Islamabad, this bakery shop is now open in Rawalpindi but their is same Tehzeeb Bakers price list 2024. They are special in Pizzas and Cakes while other different types of bakeries product are here that are fully hygienic.

    Tehzeeb Bakers Pizza Price List 2024

    In these flavors, Pepperoni, Salami, Bar B-Q, and Grilled Chicken are the most famous ones liked by the customers. The demand for top flavor is also high as compared to other. The price chart of them is:

    Pizza Size Price
    5 Inch (Mini) 645 Rupees of any Flavor
    9 Inch(Small) 1130 to 1195 Rupees (Depends on Flavor)
    11 Inch(Medium) 1580 to 1640 Rupees
    13 Inch(Large) 2110 to 2175 Rupees
    15 Inch (Extra Large) 2575 to 2640 Rupees

    Few of their good flavors are:

    • Veggie
    • Sriracha
    • Smoked Chicken
    • Sausage
    • Grilled Chicken
    • Four Square
    • Chicken Bar B-Q
    • Cheese and Tomato
    • Beef Salami
    • Beef Pepperoni

    Tehzeeb Bakers Cake Price List 2024

    They release a new price list of cakes as well as all cakes are available in two different sizes One pound and Two Pounds. But the prices of all cakes are different.

    • Tehzeeb Bakers 1 Pound Cake Price
    Cake Flavour Price
    Chocolate Hard Icing 995 Rupees
    Chocolate Fudge 995 Rupees
    Chocolate Chip 1050 Rupees
    Chocolate Cheese 1000 Rupees
    Brownie Chocolate 995 Rupees
    Black Forest 980 Rupees
    Apple Dry 1010 Rupees
    Almond Macaroon 1010 Rupees
    Almond Dry 970 Rupees
    Almond Brownie 1085 Rupees
    • Tehzeeb Bakers 2 Pound Cake Price
    Cake Flavour Price
    Black Forest 1,960 Rupees
    Black Gold 3,010 Rupees
    Chocolate Mousse 1,890 Rupees
    Chocolate Mud 2,050 Rupees
    Coffee 1,950 Rupees
    Death by Chocolate 2,130 Rupees
    Double Chocolate 2500 Rupees
    Fruit Cocktail 2000 Rupees
    Java Mousse 2100

    new of the charges or rates

    Contact Number:

    Tehzeeb bakers introduce a contact number where customers can give feedback and if you want to generate more queries then contact them.

    Contact 051 111 11 2253

    If one want to celebrate coming birthday with a delicious and tasteful cake then must visit the Tehzeeb Bakers because all ingredients are fresh and healthy. They do not compromise on human health and no doubt cake and pizza prices are bit expensive but they are giving quality food. The latest Tehzeeb Bakers price list 2024 is for all who are more careful about them.

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