LUMS Fee Structure 2024 per Semester for BBA, BSCS, Undergraduate, MBA

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    Another new session admission of Lahore University of Management Sciences is being offered in days. Therefore, LUMS fee structure 2024 per semester for the undergraduate courses BBA, BSCS, software engineering with MBA and other programs is getting interest of students. The duration and per semester fee of all courses are different. This is an high standard private sector uni and because of high fee amount, every student must check the fee criteria and then take final decision about admission in it.

    LUMS University Fee Structure 2024 per Semester

    Although, the administration of LUMS university follows the semester system and according to the semester wise, they decide the fee. But, to calculate LUMS University fee structure 2024 per semester, best possible way of is through credit hour fee. Because in every semester, different credit hour are offered that make change in the overall fee.

    LUMS BBA Fee Structure 2024:

    Interested candidates now seeking the BBA Fee structure of LUMS in 2024 that is only issue for just the estimation of expenses. From one semester to next, they also changed.

    At Admission time First Semester Total Fee having (16 CH) Next Spring Semester 2024 having (13 CH) Summer Semester 2024 (4 CH)
    618,000 Rupees (This include Admission, Registration, Security and Tuition Charges) 385,000 Rupees (Registration and Tuition Fee) are its part 107,900 Rupees
    • Imp Note: All fee charges are approx. and may change at any moment by this Uni.

    LUMS BSCS Fee Structure 2024:

    For BS computer science, LUMS declare the new fee. Their is also an option of some discount too but only those can get this scholarship who have taken good marks. Further, the LUMS basic fee structure for BSCS is:

    LUMS BSCS First Semester Fee having (18 CH) Spring Semester 2024 (12 CH) Summer Semester 2024(4 CH)
    755,260 Rupees (Having all of the expenses with tuition fee) 441,860 Rupees (This has all type of fees) 107,640 Rupees

    LUMA Other Undergraduate Programs Fee Structure 2024:

    Students confuse about LUMS other undergraduate programs fee in 2024. But its clear if you sum up it with the total CH charges. Further, some additional expenses may make a minor difference in it. For idea, its well enough.

    • Per Credit Hour Fee is: 22,000 Rupees to 27,000 Rupees

    Number to Contact Them: (042) 371 78088 (Only call if you have some original query)

    different type of expense in it

    LUMS MBA Fee Structure 2024:

    For sure, MBA at LUMS is dream of every every business related student. Moreover, the LUMS MBA fee structure 2024 has multiple of the mix dues that make total amount bit handsome. Their table is:

    At Admission time first Semester LUMS MBA Fee 2024 For Spring 2024
    812,070 Rupees (Cover every fee or charges in it) 626,770 Rupees (All type of fees are part of it)

    According to education level and internal environment, LUMS is an outstanding platform. Only, LUMS fee structure 2024 per semester is the only concern that few students face. Especially, those who have not strong financial background are struggling to pay it. But, they may get benefit through financial aid that surely helped students in this matter. If one full fill their criteria then expense become easy deal for him.

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