Punjab Group of Colleges Merit List 2017

Its reality that college is that kind of institution where students are actually polished. When we are in school then we idealize and conceptualize the college life in a different way. Once we get admission then we face somewhat different reality. This is not a dream world, it is not a fantasy, it is an institution that teaches you about the rules to live a practical life. So right selection of institute is important more then any thing else. In the race of institutions Punjab Group of Colleges is at top of this list. For these latest admission 2017 its merit list is come three time that is 1st, 2nd and 3rd for all intermediate programs FA, FSC, ICOM and ICS. Currently this institute consider as best one for this level of studies.

This year number of applying candidates is greater then last year that produce a ray of competition. Due to this now all applying candidates are looking forwards towards these merit lists. It will accept the within couple of day first  will declared and after the gap of two days second is also on board in the replacement of missing candidates. These lists are announced separately for individual branches of Punjab Group of Colleges.

The institute under this platform is the name of trustful educational institute in which thousands of students carry on their studies. These are known only because of their quality studies. Their staffs are committed and they work day and night for the improvements of students.

Note: The is last year add, soon regular classes add also reveal that update at time of arrival.


They also launch a strong testing system that is really helpful for the preparation of students. At the end of month these test are enough to give for students that at which point they stand at that specific time.

Contact: One can also confirm latest status of admission from this number. But before call make sure your query.

list of contact

Before few year it’s not too much difficult to get admissions in Punjab College but now total sceneries will changed. Due to over limitation of students and to maintain their standards they sort out students through these merit list. Those students fulfill their requirement are part of their merit list. Now again its turn for the announcement of these merit list 2017 of whole Punjab Group of Colleges so all the best for all candidates that waiting for their admission. Just enjoy these days because this is life that let them learn this fact life is not that much easy as we think! This make us teach that how can we face the hardships of life and how to live our lives in a practical and a successful way.

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