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Latest Long Shirts Designs 2018 in Pakistan

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    These length shirts are again back; keep in mind do not go for much shorter in length shirts. These days, a bunch of designs has come in the fashion market. You can stitch them in many variations. At present time the recommended length is the long one. You can give them an open look; you can also try these cuts in Anarkali style, A-line option and in many other styles. Currently, in Pakistan, some latest designs of long short have come during 2018, with new fusions and combinations. For the purpose of pairing, you can match your cuts with straight stitched pants, (Palazzo, Cigarette) pants, as well tulip or some sort of simple shalwars. Many options are there. These long shirts can even look glamorous with bell bottoms, (wide or loose) trousers, loose shalwars etc.

    Moreover, new Jeans is also added to this type of outfit. Each single one of yours should carry a different fusion and pairing style.

    Moving on with styles in this long shirt category, these days, straight shirts up to your knee length are in fashion. In the old days, we used to have much longer length but right now it’s going a little bit short.

    Latest Long Shirts Designs 2018 in Pakistan

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    They look nice if you will give them an open shirt styling. Moreover Longer shirts look sophisticated if they are in single color. Avoid getting a shirt which is loaded with so many shades.

    • Your shirt should look simple if it is a casual one. It should have minimum embroidery work on it. For your formal one, keep the colors light and embellishment heavy.


    So for this long length category, this the current trend which is followed in the fashion markets an world of Pakistan. Fashion has no rules, it has no regulations. You can even create your own style with these long shirts. Style them in your way and feel free to wear and carry them.

    Dark color Long Shirts

    Now you have no need to get panic when one is going to select any style. More some latest pictures of new shirts designs are in above galley that is in long length. During 2018 they must give you the best look in Pakistan. The important thing is that what comes to your mind, just don’t to be over.

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