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Check voter registration check through sms 8300

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    As an independent election commission formed multiple positive works has to be done among these check voter registration check through sms 8300 is the one brilliant thinking. They launched a verification service for registered voters this was the world largest sms service. Election Commission of Pakistan take advantage from the latest technology through this many difficulties has to be removed. NADRA also play their role they firstly prepared computerized voter lists then these list are assessable through sms. About 75 million registered voters can verify their votes through this sms service. And the main advantage in this facility is that the person just sends sms from mobiles, no matter where he lives or from where he sends the message. From any part of Pakistan you can check your registered vote through this service by sending sms on 8300. There are many others advantages of this service through this you can check your vote status and you can also check that your vote is save or misuse from any side. Because in previous elections there are many examples found of misusing these public property so by this step this corruption will be minimized.

    Check voter registration check through sms 8300

    Check voter registration check through sms 8300

    Check voter registration check through sms 8300 is given there.

    Procedure and term & conditions:

    1:Send your CNIC number e.g “453687903467” on 8300.

    2:After sending this message you are waiting for a reply and in reply you must receive your complete update about your vote.

    3:The return message contains the Name, City and Village, District or tehsil, Electoral area. The message also includes a serial number of the vote registered in the initial electoral rolls.

    4:After this whole procedure if any obstacle or any problem takes place then immediately inform the Election Commission of Pakistan.

    In previous election the voters turn out become very down due to misusing of their votes, all are afraid that their personal property is not used in right way .But now after this step fear is going to be minimized and you vote in right way because through this you are able to select your country head. So now cast your vote to a right person after this marvelous step.

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