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How to Get Driving License in Islamabad Procedure Fee for Apply Licence

Posted by ali sial
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    We have noticed that many of the people do make a delay in making their driving licence. It is the duty of traffic police of each and every province to make sure that each of the drivers has their valid driving certificate in their hands. If official implement it strictly, then traffic accidents reduced at minimum level. This document allowed a person that is he capable for this task or he needs to learn it. For the capital city of Pakistan Islamabad the procedure for apply that how to get Driving License along is really easy, one just need to deposit fee and follow a simple process. Its responsibility of police that they should be straight away punished to all those who missed official permission.

     It is the primary duty of the Traffic Officer to handle the matters related to check the eligibly and documents of all those who apply for it. Mean while they also declare a way that needs to follow to achieve this one.

     Needed Documents:

    • You should be having the Original as well Copy of Identity Card with permanent or Temporarily Islamabad address.
    • You should be having that medical Certificate and that has to be issued by the government hospital.

    First of all officials will issued a learner that will later on covert into other one if one full fill the further requirements.

    Fees Detail:

    • Fee for Learner: 200 Rupees
    • At time of Issuing: 600 Rupees
    • For Urgent (if one full fill the learner requirements): 1000 Rupees


    In order to get Learner the Process is given as below:

    • Candidate must come in Traffic Police Office that situated in Sector F-8/1.
    • Further on need swap the ID card with Token from the counter that built near the car parking of street number 32.
    • Make sure that you have fitness certificate.
    • Then come to one window hall and deposit all verified documents at any counter on your turn.

    After depositing they issued learner permit, but again one need to attend the class that arrange to learn traffic roles. After ending of this class, instructor stamp on back side of your permit. It validity if for 42 Days, after this time duration one visit to give the driving that make clear that you are eligible now or needs some more time to train. Although this all actions look tough one but it best to save your lives.

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