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Prize Bond Draw List 40000 Rupee Result 2017

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    People like to opt for these bonds because according to them it is the only and by far legal source to become rich in less span of night. These can make these poor and also middle class people rich and wealthier overnight. For the information, these prize bonds are a kind of bearer type of security. They are actually available in the form of the denominations of one or two hundred rupees. It is one of the best investment options for you. You might be able to fetch a large amount of money if you will buy these bonds. You can make your dreams to come true by making investment in this sector. Of worth 40000 rupees draw list for prize bond result for 2017 will come in next year.

    The best thing about these lottery tickets are that they can be exchanged at any time you want to! If you want to have your cash in place of them, you can do so. They are a kind of liquid cash. In whatever amount you have purchased them, then that cash will handed over to you. The prize money is quite massive and huge. The winners are announced through lucky draw. Just 4 sessions take place in a single year in Pakistan. One must keep in mind that all of these are actually issued in series form.

    • First Prize: Rs. 75,000,000 for Each
    • Second Prize: Rs.25,000,000 for Each

    draw result

    It is also given the name of lottery bond. You can say that it is a non-interest kind of bearing security. It is issued on behalf by the Company. In Pakistan, it is issued by the State bank that build its trust. If you want to become a richer person overnight and if luck is on your side then you should buy them. Through these, your few hundred rupees will be converted into Lakh rupees.

    How amazing it is! But for that, you should have a strong luck. If you do purchase them then must check your name. You never know you can be one of the winners! This is total game and one need to play it big heart, because when one think greater profit then there is chance of greater loss to.

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