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Telenor Facebook, Whatsapp Package 2024 Monthly, Weekly

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    Currently, the trend of social communication apps in this country is going increase. Users are now more aware of its benefits; that why almost everyone who has smartphone get advantage from these special kinds of services. After seeing such interest, Telenor Facebook and Whatsapp packages 2024 has further contains weekly and monthly bundles. Now its easy to update yourself with all recent activities of friend and family members. In past, both of these platforms only use for communication but now these are using for the business purpose too. First, this trend is in developed countries but now it is also shifting here in this country.

    Telenor Facebook Package 2024:

    Many of businesses through Facebook is popular and one can say it best source of online promotion. These all activities combined enhance Telenor facebook package 2024 importance. Although the number of alternatives is also functional but its result are better then any other.

    Telenor Monthly Facebook Package 2024:

    This company carried out his tradition of facilitating his customer; that’s why in 2024 Telenor monthly facebook packages are multiple in numbers. So one can subscribe them according to require need that will distinguish between daily weekly and monthly.

    Telenor Bundle Volume for usage of facebook or else whatsapp Code Charges
    2,500 MB *911# 52 Rupees
    6,000 MB *660# 85 Rupees
    8 GB *572# 130 Rupees that also has 100MB for other usage+ Minutes too
    • Telenor Weekly Facebook Package: Kindly wait; because at this moment, none of such bundle exist.

    Moreover, one of the Telenor dedicated whatsapp offers has surprised you. Hope so, this is cheapest social bundle by any network.

    Telenor Whatsapp Package 2024 Monthly:

    By only paying One(1) Rupees, the Telenor Monthly Whatsapp Package will active. Although, limitations of MB is also in package but they are handsome for single use.

    Volume of this Bundle Code Charges
    2,000 MB *247# 1 Rupees
    • Note: This is for the prepaid users and after one month need manual subscription. Right now there is not any telenor weekly whatsapp package that is valid for 7 days…

    an good for users of them

    Although the speed of Pakistan tech growth is not same as another part of the world, now local peoples are well aware of its usage. Now they start understanding its importance, surely this is the good sign that now we also follow the world. This will gives us economic and social benefits. And twice of these platform has both of these advantages. Hope so in upcoming days one will get more benefits from it.

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