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How to Get Visa for Portugal from Pakistan Requirements Visit Tourist Student

Posted by ali sial
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    Portugal is one of those ancient countries which are wealthy in terms of history, tradition and culture. This country is considered as the peaceful one thus it is ranked at number 11according to peaceful ranking. It is the 18th globalized country as well as at the 19th place for quality of life in the whole world. It is a well-developed and due to this the P economy is classified among the advanced economies. Therefore, the citizens of this country have a very high standard of living. It is believed that the major portion of economy is based on sales and purchase of auto mobiles. This is the reason that tourist are want to knows about requirement of visit and students needs to knows that how get study visa for Portugal from Pakistan.

    Quality of education of this country is very good. The educational institutes are equipped with highly qualified professionals and are offering different programs at different level such as at undergraduate level, post-graduate as well as research and doctoral programs. It is seen that most of the Pakistani students wants to study in Portugal because of its excellent educational system, laid-back nature, friendly environment and high living standard. For this Pakistani people first have to get study visa. Here are the visa requirements.

    1. Visa Application form containing photograph, completely filled and signed.
    2. Original Passport
    3. Applicant’s birth certificate and medical certificate
    4. Health insurance certificate
    5. Confirmation letter of higher studies admission in a Portuguese University
    6. Residential address proof
    7. Proof of scholarship or of economic conditions.


    Portugal is also a place for tourist. Hence millions of tourist went there to enjoy the city breaks, cultural and traditional places. It is observed that tourists play an important role in the economy of Portugal. Greater Libson, Algarve, city of Coimbra and Northern Portugal are the favorite places of tourists. Below are mentioned the Tourist Visa requirements.

    1. Firm’s Covering letter
    2. Letter of Invitation from Portugal
    3. 4 passport size photographs
    4. Bank Statement of the last six months
    5. Insurance of AIG
    6. Credit card copy
    7. Hotel reservation confirmation (This must be directly faxed from the host country to the Embassy.
    8. Passport copy
    9. Air ticket reservation
    10. Personal appearance for apply.

    These all are requirements that how to get visa for Portugal from Pakistan that is necessary to fulfill if one dream to go there. Due to bad securities threats now it’s not easy to stay in this country. While due to lack of jobs and educational opportunities a major part of population dream to go abroad. While some peoples has craze to travel to some places where they enjoy some time and this is one good location to visit.

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