Math Guess Paper 9th Class 2015 Rawalpindi Board Morning, Evening

Its best where 9th Class Math Guess Paper 2015 Rawalpindi Board Morning, Evening for both arts and science group is available for download. Now it’s a time to take help from helping materials. All students want some guess papers so that they can get good marks in the exam. These helping materials can be in the form of guess papers. These guess papers are issued by the respective board. One advantage of these guess papers is that from these guess papers students can get knowledge about the paper pattern of the final exam, know about the question marks and paper duration.


Chapter: 1
Exercise No 1.1——– Q3
Exercise No 1.2——-Q5
Exercise No 1.3—–Q8
Exercise No 1.4

Chapter: 5

Exercise NO: 5.1——Q1 part(2,5) Q3 PART(1,2), Q4 PART(4), Q5 PART(1,5)
Exercise NO: 5.2——Q1 PART (1,4) Q6 PART(2,4)
Exercise NO: 5.3——Q2,4,5,9
Exercise NO: 5.4——Q1,5

Chapter: 6

Exercise NO: 6.1——Q1 PART(1) Q2 PART(2,4) Q4 PART(1) Q6 Q7
Exercise NO: 6.2 —–Q6,9,12
Exercise NO: 6.3 —–Q1,Q4

Chapter No 12 —-Therorm No 1,3,4,6
Chapter No 16——Theorm no 1 ,2


Antilog, algebra, exp ploynomial, mantissa, scinetific notation, asosciative property, additive identity, decimal fractions, terminating, irrational numbers, redicals, complex number, real number, transpose of idenitty matrix, skew, symmetric, scalar

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9th class is very important for students. This is an initial step of the students. If students get high marks in 9th class then there is a hope that they will get good marks in 10th class as well. So student’s wants to get guess papers so that they can do good preparation for the final exam of class 9th.

These guess papers are for both the morning students and evening students. Because there is no difference in the morning and evening classes. Course, books and paper pattern is same for morning and evening classes. Here are some important guess papers for the Rawalpindi board. Students can get information regarding their papers from these helping materials. Everyone want to get success in exam so I think these Math Guess Paper 9th Class 2015 of Rawalpindi Board Morning, Evening will help all the students to get good marks in the exam.

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