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Punjab Govt SMS Based Price Information System Check Prices SMS Procedure

Posted by hasnain sial
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    Punjab government decided a new based technology program through which you can complain or confirm the prices of different things available in the vegetable market and fruit market. This is a good initiative for the people of Punjab. Before this there is a big difference in the local market and the main market. Shopkeepers charge the rate according to their desires and nobody is there to ask them. This is an online complain service through which you can registered your complaint against the shopkeeper who is charging extra vegetables and fruits rates.

    The procedure of this online complains service is so simple.

    • Type price and give space and enter city name and send it to the 80024.

    If u want to get knowledge about the rates of Lahore market and the surrounding areas just enter price and give space and then enter Lahore and send it to the 80024. You will get the rates of the Lahore market.

    price check

    • The charges of this service are 1.43 + tax per SMS

    You can also registered your complaint on the Punjab GOVT free tool number 080002346

    Below is a response which we get of the Lahore market

    • Atta bag 20Kg= 780KG
    • Ghee= 160 rupees
    • Rice = 145 rupees
    • Masoor = 140 rupees
    • Mash dall = 139 rupees
    • Mutton per kilogram = 485 rupees
    • Suger per KG = 50 rupees
    • Eggs per dozen = 94 per dozen
    • Kinno per dozen  = 70 per dozen
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