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Odeon Cinema Rawalpindi Ticket Prices Movies Schedule Show Timings

Posted by Xaibi Sir
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    After a long time of struggle, finally, the cinema industry of Pakistan is now on the right path. Near to the capital city of this country, Odeon Cinema Rawalpindi ticket prices are suitable to pay. Meanwhile, the Odeon Cinema Rawalpindi movies schedule also makes clear the show timings.  From an HD quality big screen to a massive sound system, everything is just nearly perfect under this platform. Furthermore, they also offered a refreshment place, from where one can buy popcorn or a cold drink to enjoy during the show. Surely, they are trying to meet the international standard. But, yet they need to do much more work to attain such a position.

    Odeon Cinema Rawalpindi Ticket Prices:

    There is a different type of Odeon Cinema Rawalpindi ticket prices that are further depending on the membership. While 3D glasses also have an impact on the overall tickets.

    • 2D and 3D Ticket Price for Members: 400 Rupees
    • 2D and 3D Ticket Price for Non-Members: 500 Rupees

    3D Glasses: 200 Rupees

    Odeon Cinema Rawalpindi Movies Schedule:

    Yes, the Odeon Cinema Rawalpindi Movies Schedule will vary according to the launch of a new film. All the time, the newly launch movie will replace the existing one.

    While, some of the time, a movie will remain on a big screen for a month or more than this time. To see the movie schedule, visit the below schedule button.

    • Schedule will come when they will make it online

    Odeon Cineplex Rawalpindi Show Timings:

    Just like the schedule, Odeon Cinema Rawalpindi show timings are also varying that will depend on the number of movies on the big screen. But most of the times are splitting in three shows for both Red and Blue Lounge. One will also check the show timings from the above schedule option.

    the time for movies

    Currently, Indian pictures are banned in this country, so the only movies on the big screen are from Hollywood and Pakistani as well. So, now its responsibility of Pakistani directors and producers that they worked on new projects. Undoubtedly, now they can get better space in the Odeon Cinema Rawalpindi Movies Schedule and Show Timings. Moreover, most probably the ticket prices will remain the same in coming time too.

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