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UAF Fee Structure 2024 for University of Agriculture Faisalabad

Posted by hasnain sial
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    For most of post and undergraduate (bs) programs, the UAF fee structure 2024 is particular unique for every course. Further, these admissions are open for many of the programs in different departments that include Agriculture, engineering & Technology, veterinary science, Social science include BBA etc.. After applying, the first task is the entry test that must to pass with some good marks. Because, after compiling all of these marks, the selection will conclude. While, entry test will different for every program. The syllabus of test will change according to nature of the program in which candidate will appear.

    UAF Fee Structure 2024:

    Difference of regular UAF fee structure 2024 and for the self finance is perfectly elaborated. But, if one will able to pay these more fee charges that he will get same right like a regular admission selected seeker. Furthermore, the fees for undergraduate and postgraduate are completely different.

    In fact the University of Agriculture that also more recalled as UAF trigger their work from specific Agriculture field and become its specialist. This institute makes agriculture too much advance and offers those various unique programs very first time. Another cause of their familiarity is the research work that had only done in this institute.

    UAF Undergraduate Fee Structure 2024 Regular and Self Finance:

    • The data or following fee structure chart of undergraduate courses for the UAF (University of Agriculture Faisalabad) in 2024 is enough to reflect that this is not much higher then the other many of the universities. From 1st semester to the next are again changed accordingly.
    Undergraduate Degree Name First(1st) Semester Fee Next Or other Semester Fee(Each) Self Finance Fee(One Semester)
    (Bs, Agri and Home Eco.) (Env, Sciences)(Animal Sciences) (BS, Commerce)( BBA, Agri) 40,570 Rupees 28,875 Rupees 37,500 Rupees
    (Human Nut and Dietetics) (Text Engg) (Food Science and Tech) 48,125 Rupees 32,315 Rupees 37,500 Rupees
    Bs engineering Programs in (Energy System, Food, Environmental Engineering) 46,750 Rupees 37,815 Rupees N/A
    Microbiology 46,750 Rupees 37,815 Rupees 50,000 Rupees
    BS (Chemistry, Botany, Education) 43,750 Rupees 37,500 Rupees N/A
    BBA(This is in Evening) 58,440 Rupees 52,250 Rupees N/A
    • Imp: All of the fee amounts in upper and below tables are approximate and replace on this or next year.

    UAF Self Finance Fee Structure 2024:

    Those are from some upper middle or rich families can easily the uaf self finance fee structure 2024. Through, there is difference in between regular and self finance fees but they are still not going out of budget. It’s better for all of students.

    • This is of last fee chart and new is close to this too.

    Major expense of this uni

    UAF Postgraduate Fee Structure 2024:

    Number of postgraduate programs under the University of Agriculture Faisalabad has a lengthy list of degrees. It’s one of the rare university that cover such programs under one roof.

    For Old UAF students who done previous degree from there For Out comer Students
    UAF postgraduate (mphil) Fee for any of Program 47,440 Rupees (First Semester)

    39,875 Rupees (On every next)

    52,940 Rupees (1st Semester)

    39,875 Rupees (Onward Semester)


    UAF phd Fee Structure 2024:

    Almost 3 phd programs are currently offered by the UAF and their fee in 2024 is same like mphil. So, for those who has this desire to continue doctorial education can also easily pay this amount.

    For Former Postgraduates of UAF For First time admission takers
    UAF phd (Agri Business) 68,750 Rupees (1ST)

    55,000 Rupees (Onward)

    82,500 Rupees (1ST)

    55,000 Rupees (Onward)

    UAF phd (Computer Science) 75,625 Rupees

    61,875 Rupees

    89,375 Rupees

    61,875 Rupees

    From the Bs, MS to Mphil and PHD, every of the degree is taught by many faculties. While, the affordability of UAF fee structure 2024 again surprise you that if you want to get it, then finical is not a big obstacle in it. So, continue yours studies with passion and get best of the education and other related facilities there.

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