How to Start Quail Farming Business in Pakistan Guide in Urdu

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    It is heard and estimated that this quail farming is one of the lucrative businesses in Pakistan. Many intelligent minded people have started this occupation. The procedure and basic requirements are resulting in good for those who want to get guide in English and Urdu that how to start it. It is much easy to come into being with it. First you have to make a plan that should include that what kinds of breeds you want to have, what kind of housing you are in need and what sort of feeding you should be giving to your quails. You have to devise the marketing and care strategies as well. First start with the selection of breeds. For the information, in this country we have by far 18 species. All of these can for sure give you the profitable and productive and profits in the long run.

    More Requirements:

    • You can either go for the layer breeds or you can opt for the broiler one. In these layer, we have English white and British range and also tuxedo species. In these, we have the species of Bob white.
    • To start it, you should keep in mind the housing factor. You can make cage systems for the, you can too raise them up in the deep litter kind of system. You should give a complete ventilation system. Proper and complete air as well as light should pass through their cages.
    • You can go for the plastic made cages. You should be properly feeding them. For the adult, they have to be given Twenty Five grams of diet. For the adult chick, they should be given Twenty Four Perc of protein food and for the young chick; they should be made to eat Twenty Seven Perc of protein food.
    • For the maximum egg production, your quails should be given maximum amount of light. To have enhanced production, light is much important in this farming.

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    To get profit in this farming, your cages should be surrounded with suitable and appropriate temperature. Suitable light should be there and proper kind of air movement is a must for your quails. After getting all this info you can start it easily in Pakistan. No doubt it get some extra attention but it all depends on your interest to. But one get a handsome profit from it if one do it in right direction and planing to for it.

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