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Jasco Generator Price in Karachi 2024 Pakistan

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    This efficient generators manufacturing company Jasco is come up with different and latest of its kind of models that run on gas, petrol and diesel. Each after the other days, we come across a different model of this company and people consider them very much effective and reliable for their daily use. Furthermore, Jasco Generator price in Karachi 2024 of different model having capacity of 1 2.5 3 5 KVA are changed now. Their products features are just excellent. Their services aspects of before and after sale makes their brand line much and more competitive.

    Jasco Generator Price in Karachi 2024:

    Their all generator come with best engine and their lifeline is also much longer. Because of good output, now their demand is coming from the entire country. Currently, their availability is quite tough in other cities. But, they work on it.

    Jasco Generator 1.5 kva Price in Pakistan:

    They offer generators that run on petrol. These comes with massive power output. For normal home usage, they are the best one to have in the home. These also have and reasonable fuel capacity and their rates are:

    Jasco 1.5 kva Generator Model Price in Rupees (Approx.)
    1900DC (Petrol and Gas) 79,000 Rupees
    J1800DLX-S 72,000 Rupees
    J1900DLX-S 74,000 Rupees

    Next, we have those Jasco Generators that used for high voltage usage! They actually run on petrol gas and they are most of the time used to run and switch on fans, TVs and also refrigerators.

    Jasco 3.5 KVA Generator Price in Karachi:

    If we sort out the current models of 3.kva generators then they are about three and their performance is also very good. So, without any tension, one can buy one from them.

    Jasco 3.5kva Generator Model Price in Rupees (Approx.)
    3.5 KVA GOLD Series 134,000
    J3000S 152,000
    Gas and Petrol 93,000 (Old)
    J5000DC 97,000 (Old)
    J3500S 173,000
    Riggid Driven 112,000

    Apart from them, their are 3 models of the Jasco 3kva whose rates are also in the surrounding of above table. So, consider them too.

    Jasco 3 kva Generator Model Price in Rupees
    J3000S of 3kva model 157,000
    J4500DC 141,000
    Titanium Series 125,000

    After this, we have the:

    Jasco Generator 2.5kva Price in Pakistan:

    Another one, we have option of Jasco Generators that run on the petrol and gas! These Generators are one of the most popular ones when we talk about the use of household items. Their rate list is:

    Jasco 2.5 kva Generator Model Price in Rupees (Approx.)
    EPA Standard 123,000
    Petrol and Gas 120,000
    2.5 KVA gold series 124,000


    These are presented in these natural gas and petrol category who always remained in the market. Moreover, we also have few other top option that use for commercial purpose too. You can also get their price from this chart.

    Jasco 3.8 kva Generator Price 124,000 Rupees(Old)
    Jasco 6.5 kva (J6500S) Generator 238,000 Rupees
    Jasco 8 kva Generator (J8000S) 310,000 Rupees (Old)
    Jasco 1 kva Generator 38,000 (Old)
    •  10kva (J10000S) Price: 406,000 Rupees
    • 9kva Price: 375,000 Rupees

    Contact Number:

      • For Karachi: 021-34387552
      • For Lahore: 0309-9288550

    Get the rates

    These generators can give us the maximum output with some best fuel efficiency. Due to their best performance, they never go out from the market. Meanwhile, these models are manufactured for domestic and industrial usage. Among all of these Jasco Generator is best to use at home are 1 2.5 3 5 KVA, because they belongs to Karachi that why their price is also cheap. Now its start of 2024 and they are easily available in the Lahore market, so never late hurry up and rush to get it.

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