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Ufone SIM Registration Information Checking Owner Name

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    In many of scenarios, Ufone SIM registration information is helpful in checking the owner name. Yes, their is a proper mechanism for the purpose that how to check ufone registration online. It’s an advance system with the help of which, you can get the number of SIMs of each individual which is registered with his or her name. But, apart from the companies representative, any other person is not allowed to check the information of someone else sims. Because its their essential responsibility to take care of privacy of any person.

    How to Check Ufone SIM Ownership?

    At first, this is for the one who is already the owner and confuse that how many  more sims are on his name. Moreover, an easy process is planned by them that anybody can manage it effectively.

    • Initially, you have so send and SMS with your Identity card of 13 digits without giving the space on a specific number of 668 from your mobile.

    On the response of your sms that you forwards before minutes, PTA will immediately send you an SMS which will let you know number of active SIMs of any operator issued in your name and also tell you that the SIM you are using right now is registered with whose name.

    When you receive a SMS and there are so unexpected SIMs on your name, if you want to block them you have to visit the nearest service center of the relevant mobile operator with your original id card and mobile phone.

    You have to fill out an related prescribed form and and they can easily remove all the unknown number which are registered with your name and must remove after a time frame.

    how to check ufone sim ownership

    Ufone SIM Registration Information for Checking Owner:

    Other then an general way their is a dedicated Ufone SIM registration information way for checking the owner. And this is only for this net work.

    • Again, type “MNP” on yours phone and forward it too “667”. In return of this text, you will get whole stats of registration.

    If user has a simple smartphone, then this is accessible online too. They have integrated for the easiness and its applicable too. Use any which will suit you more and work in practical way.

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