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    Anyone with a passion for powerful motorcycles are currently on the lookout for the Kawasaki H2R price in Pakistan 2024. Exciting speculations abound regarding the impending debut of the Ninja H2R, poised to grace the tracks with an awe inspiring 325BHP power output, right from the factory floor. Drawing a parallel between its power to other aspects, this become top choice without debate. Setting it apart from its sibling, the H2 bike, the H2R proudly showcases a unique characteristic. Instead, it proudly exhibits two front air intakes and a supercharger, firmly establishing itself as a true titan in the world of motorcycles.

    One noteworthy feature is its slick and conveniently replaceable tires. By combining everything, this exceptional motorcycle unquestionably reigns as the pinnacle of its class, with only a select few contenders trying to approach its level of prowess.

    Kawasaki Ninja H2R Price in Pakistan 2024:

    In US dollars, the bike commands a price of around $57,000. Meanwhile, the local importers normally offer the Kawasaki H2R Price in Pakistan 2024 in between between 16 to 17 million Rupees.

    This is one of the high

    Ninja H2R Price 16,506,000 Rupees (Approx.)

    As per the importers statements, the scarcity of availability and demand for this particular bike in the Pakistan region is primarily attributed to its exorbitant cost, compounded by the exclusion of import duties. Various big names are currently producing distinct heavyweight motorcycles, yet none have managed to surpass the speed record set by the remarkable H2R, which boasts an impressive speed of 420 KM per hour, a truly remarkable feat.

    Kawasaki H2R Horsepower

    The H2R Kawasaki boasts a cutting edge engine capacity of 1000cc that utilizes both liquid cooling along with supercharging for optimal performance. In contrast, the earlier model, H2, falls short in power when compared to the H2R, as it operates on a greater power engine and DOHC configuration.

    H2R Specifications:

    The H2R lies in a class of its own, distinct from any other bike on the market. Its unique specs set it apart, and notably, these features were absent in its predecessor, the H2. The creators of this bike have infused it with an inspiring array of specifications that are sure to captivate anyone who takes a glimpse. Once you delve into the details, the desire to own this exceptional bike becomes irresistible.

    • A outstanding feature of H2R bike is that the company mostly used the Fiber in it’s manufacturing because when we use the fiber then makes it lightweight and more strength full.

    Price of the new Kawasaki H2R Ninja

    Kawasaki H2R Top Speed km/h

    The Kawasaki H2R boasts an ultimate top speed of 420 KM, a testament to its power. When riders unleash this beast on the road and push its limits, they experience an exhilarating sensation akin to soaring through the skies. This impressive speed remains unrivaled, as no other heavyweight motorcycle has managed to surpass the record set by this remarkable machine.

    Kawasaki H2R Top Speed km/h

    As per company instruction, you cannot use the local fuel for this bike while octane 95 is best for it and this fuel is easy to avail in every country. Further, a rider can easily clean the air filter if one can understand that how to do.

    Try to get the oil from a company through the dealer from where you have purchased the bike. On the other hand, you can use the new air filter of the H2 Kawasaki bike because both bike’s air filters are the same. Now can review the Kawasaki H2R price in Pakistan 2024 that also contain main specifications and all key feature of it.

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