Kawasaki H2R Price in Pakistan 2022

People who are crazy about heavy bikes now search Kawasaki h2r price in Pakistan 2022. Rumors are that H2R is now ready to come on track with 325BHP power from the factory. If we can compare the power and weight ratio with 2800bhp Bugatti Veyron so that is not wrong. Moreover, the Front light of the of H2R does not exist while in the h2 bike front light is exist. Furthermore, this giant comes with two front air intakes along with a supercharger. The important part that make it very special is slick tires and you can change them. Overall, this is the best and their are very few options who replace it.

Kawasaki H2R Price in Pakistan 2022:

  • In US dollars this bike exists for $54,000 while in Pakistani rupees the Kawasaki H2R Price in Pakistan 2022 is now starting from 12 to 13million Rupees.

This is one of the high

Kawasaki H2R Ninja Price PKR12-13million

According to the importers, the availability and demand is rare due to high cost, as in the Pakistan region this bike exists in PKR 12 to 13 Million rupees exclude imports duties. Many of the vehicle companies are making different heavy bikes while till now no any heavy bike has broken speed record because H2R doing 420 KM in one hour that is too much high speed.

Price of the new Kawasaki H2R Ninja

Kawasaki H2R Horsepower

  • The engine power of the H2R Kawasaki is 1000cc with 4 Cylinders while this liquid-cooled and supercharged. If we discuss the previous model H2 this was not powerful as compare to H2r because this is 4-stroke and DOHC.

Kawasaki H2R Specifications

The specification of H2R is totally different as compare to another bike while most important these specifications do not exist in the previous model H2. No doubt, the maker of this bike is giving some inspirational specification in this model and when you will read then you want to wish to buy this bike.

  • A outstanding feature of H2R bike is that the company mostly used the Fiber in it’s manufacturing because when we use the fiber then makes it lightweight and more strength full.

Kawasaki H2R Top Speed km/h

The top speed of the Kawasaki H2R is 420KM in one hour because the engine of this bike is powerful and when people running this bike on-road and increase the speed then they feel that he is in the sky. This is top speed and no any heavy bike broke the record of this vehicle.

Kawasaki H2R Top Speed km/h

As per company instruction, you cannot use the local fuel for this bike while octane 95 is best for this bike and this fuel is easy to avail in every country. While Ethanol is not necessary for H2R. People can easily clean the air filter but the cleaning of this bike air filter is not easy. Because if you want to clean the air filter then firstly you will open the nose, open all the elements then clean the filter and reinstall carefully.

We cannot use local oil for this bike but this does not exist in every place. So you import the oil from a company through the dealer from where you have purchased the bike. On the other hand, you can use the new air filter of the H2 Kawasaki bike because both bike’s air filters are the same. Now can review the Kawasaki H2R price in Pakistan 2022 along with specifications and all key feature of this bike.

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