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Tips To Hide Pimples On Face

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    In this article we will talk about some of the most prominent and vital tip to hide pimples on face. Most of the women think that the use of excessive and branded makeup will help them in getting rid from the pimples but let us make one thing much clear that pimples are one of just enemies that get stick with the face forever. Most of the times the concealers items are not much suitable and sometimes some food items and careless attitude towards the skin care can lead us towards the emergence of huge number of pimples. Now let us look at some of the main tips that will help women to fight with this enemy.

    Tips To Hide Pimples On Face

    1. Firstly, don’t make much use of the concealers over the skin. Take minimum amount of quantity and apply it over the pimple areas with the help of cotton cloth.
    2. Just make sure one thing that always makes the use of sponge for blending the concealers because the hands are normally accompanied by germs that can affect the skin much badly.
    3. Now take some good quality moisturizer and blend it over the pimples areas and even apply it over the neck sides as well. Try to make the choice of such moisturizer that matches with the skin tone.
    4. If in case the pimple has been growing much excessively and that too in larger shape then try to keep it away from the hot water and make the use of cool water for washing the face.
    5. Always make sure one thing that the pimples can even get disappear when the face is stay back as fresh and energetic and this can be possible if you will sleep at night on time and wake up in morning without any stress and tensions.
    6. In view of simple home remedy just take one small spoon of rose water and mix it in sandalwood oil. After mixing the whole mixture just apply the paste over the pimple sections and leave the face free from any touch for 20 minutes. This will help the pimples to slow down their extreme growing height to certain extent.
    7. Last but not the least we would suggest all the readers that drink as much water as you can in daily routine because this will help the skin to come across as fresh and much smooth looking as well.
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