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Ponds BB Cream Price in Pakistan 2024

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    This is an all in one multipurpose cream, which is used for skin whitening, facial glow, sunscreen and color complexion. Furthermore, Ponds BB Cream Price in Pakistan 2024 is  still much reasonable. This is medically tested by Dermatologists and formulated for South Asian skin. It includes SPF 30 PA++, which protects the skin from UV rays. It is a formula, which offers Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E, which goes deep in the skin to repair dead cells and remove dark spots. All those features take Ponds BB at a great lead when compared with its competitor and establish it as an excellent combination of quality, diversity, and cost-effectiveness.

    No doubt, Ponds BB Cream is a new addition to the world of cosmetics, made for masses. It is formulated with a special focus on India (applicable for the South Asian region).

    Ponds BB Cream Price in Pakistan 2024:

    It is available in 3 packing’s 9g, 18g and 50g at a different charges. Right now, Ponds BB Cream price in Pakistan 2024 of the 18g tube for approximately 850 Rupees. Further, its new packing is of just 950 and 1100 Rupees. And, this is in a economical money.

    • While the price of Ponds BB Cream 50 g pack is about 1800 Rupees.


    Supervision of expert Dermatologists make it good and they finalized in a way to fulfill all the medical health care necessities. It is for multi purpose, which is useful for dark circle removing, skin lightening, skin repair and maintaining a natural glow. All those features made Ponds BB best among the lead and establish her as the best in her generation, that too at a very reasonable cost.

    Features of Ponds BB Cream

    • Formulated for the type of South Asian skin
    • SPF 30 PA++ Sun Screen Protection
    • Improves color complexion
    • Remove Dark Circles
    • Lighten the skin tone
    • Medically tested

    Such cream is a queen in her lineage which excels in all departments of customer service; may it be the high effective product or multipurpose formula.

    new cream

    Came up as a special product used for whitening, glow, protection from sun, a remedy for oily skin and to repair skin complexion.

    All those aspects are rarely found in any product but Ponds BB came up with an addition of dermatological touch, which makes it more authentic and useful for the people. The Ponds BB Cream price in Pakistan 2024 is also as affordable as to make it known as a product of masses and not the elite.

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