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    Allah almighty has blessed Pakistan with all kinds of seasons. The people enjoy every seasons to the fullest by having various natural gifts such as rain, snow fall and by having different kinds of fruits and vegetables. In the whole world, this type of weather arrive when the surface of earth is inclined towards sun. In our country, this starts right after the spring season and stayed for around 4 to 5 months. Our beloved country lies in the Northern Hemisphere so the season stayed for six months. This weather is known for high temperature. During this the days become longer and bright and nights become shorter. Hence, people are able to complete their daily task easily during these long days. This is the best essay that covers all the facts that Why Summer is my Favorite Season in Pakistan?

    In some areas of Pakistan, temperature increases enormously. Then Allah almighty showers his blessings in the form of rain to lower down the temperature. It is believed that when the temperature of the land is high, then the water in the ponds, lakes and seas get evaporated and then the vapors stuck in the atmosphere. Then, these vapors become clouds that fall in the form of rain in summer season.

    The people who are well use air conditioners and coolers while remaining people like to stay outside to keep themselves fine. Moreover, people like to have cool and light colors in their wardrobe. Most of the people wear lawn and cotton to beat the heat.


    In Pakistan, several crops are planted in this season. The crops of this season are rice, cotton, sugarcane, maize, tobacco and millet. All these crops need a lot of heat and water. Some special kinds of fruits ripe during this season have special taste. This season also have the special vegetables too.

    During summer season, most of the people like to spend most of the time outdoor. Most of the people go for a boating, picnics etc. This is the best time when students of the schools, college and universities enjoy vacations with their friends and family members. Most of the people plan in advance to completely enjoy their vacations. From the last few years, people are also enjoying festivals in these holidays. So, every season is a blessing in its own way and we Pakistani people are truly blessed indeed.

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