How to Make Fried Chicken Recipe like Pakistani KFC in Urdu

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    Pakistani nation is food lover and they always like to eat delicious food that is best in quality. If women taste some delicious food out from home then they must try them at home. That’s why one who tastes Fried Chicken from KFC she must wants to cook it at home with same taste. By following the tips that how to make fried chicken recipe like Pakistani KFC in Urdu are gives some best food result. If one follows a proper procedure and take all recipes at home then hopefully it must gives same taste. Starts form recipe ingredients and then a simple procedure to cook is also available. Through this one cook this recipe easily with marvelous taste.

    Recipe Ingredients:

    • Take one to half cup that is of 180 gram weight corn Flour
    • Three Eggs
    • Two to Three Cup Milk Weighted 150 ml
    • Black Pepper 1 spoon
    • Oil of Vegetable or Peanut
    • Soda of bicarbonate weighted 12 gram
    • Take powder of Italian Dressing
    • Tomato Powder one envelope
    • According to Taste Salt
    • According to Taste Pepper


    Cooking Process:

    • Starts from eggs, mix four eggs in a bowl perfectly. After mixing add some milk that chicken peace is able to mix in it.
    • Then separately make a mixture of Italian Powder, Corn Flour, pepper and salt in a bowl according to your taste.
    • Two mixtures are now ready and time come for dipping of Chicken Piece in both of mixture.
    • Starts from dipping in eggs mixture, and then take it in second powder type paste.
    • Repeat this process multiple times until a complete makes in this piece.
    • As paste is complete appeared on chicken piece then cooking process is starts.
    • Then start fry it until it starts brown, and as smoke starts to come out then stop this process.
    • Take these pieces out form fry process and try to remove grease that comes on outer surfaces of chicken.

    After cleaning the chicken piece it must ready to eat. Pakistani KFC follow this process to prepare Fried Chicken so as one understand this simple method of how to make fried chicken recipe then it’s really easy to prepare it, more in Urdu soon tips are available so its need to be patience. Soon more things are updated.

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