10 Most Popular McDonald’s Menu Items with Price in Pakistan

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    Its common that “Eating and Fun” is the best hobby of every citizen of Pakistan. Pakistanis are well aware of taste and place where best eatables are available. From the continental food to English food I think each and every Pakistani is keen of both items. There are many continental and English food stuff restaurants and cafes in Pakistan. They are well satisfying their customers according to their price and taste standards. Here we are talking about the junk food specially which is too much easy to eat and cook. McDonald’s is the brand well known all over the world, having many branches in all over the Pakistan; people like to eat from there, because its price, taste and its service is much valuable.

    10 Most Popular McDonald's Menu

    Now lets’ discuss top most popular items and its prices in Pakistan.

    1-         Beef Burger                                          525(In Happy Meal)

    2-         Cheese Burger                                      340

    3-         Spicy Chicken Burger                          310

    4-         Double Cheese Burger                         N/A

    5-         File-O-Fish                                           610

    6-         6 Pcs Chicken McNugget                     N/A

    7-         Chicken Big Mac                                  945

    8-         McRoylae                                              N/A

    9-         McArabia                                              400

    10-       Big Tasty                                               Not Sure

    Top ten delicious food rates are given above, Beef burger and cheese burger are top most liked food at McDonalds and are liked by every second person. Other items like’s nuggets and large size burgers are mostly liked by the kids

    The restaurant has also different deals for Kids specially and have large amount of food stuff related to that. Birth Day parties and other celebrations are at their peak in the McDonald chain at evening times because of its suitable rates and prices. Including these all large sandwiches, small sandwiches, Breakfast deal, Breakfast lunch deals, happy meals, French fries items, drinks and ice creams are also being provided by the restaurant in a large amount for its customer respectively. Hot cakes is also being backed by the restaurant, this item is mostly used in evening or in parties time. Most of the people do these arrangements on family gatherings and friends parties. Overall a well deserve, appreciated services by the restaurant team to its customers.

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