Avigan or Favipiravir Tablet Price in Pakistan and their Availability

After spread coronavirus, scientists are working on its proper cure but till all things under process. This virus was first time appeared in Wuhan and then now it’s viral across the many other countries. According to a local newspaper, (hundreds not), thousands of people have affected by the corona. Doctors are experimenting with different way and now they are telling we are controlling on coronavirus with the help of Japanese medicine that used for this flue from the last many years. Yes, Fujifilm is a company who make different medicine against different disease but in 2014 they made one medicine against Flu in japan. But now, scientists experiment against coronavirus and announced that 15% of people recover from Avigan medicine.

But still, experts have this opinion that this medicine is effective for corona patient but we cannot say the patient will recover from this patient.

Avigan Tablet Price in Pakistan:

  • Online, we will try to gather the Avigan tablet price in Pakistan but yet any real source related to the medical line has not spoken about it.

Recently, few experts told that this medicine has shown various positive results in China. No doubt, now the entire world is fighting with this virus and every country cooperate with each other to get its solution. Hopefully, soon the world will get out of this panic situation.

Favipiravir Tablet Price in Pakistan:

  • The actual Favipiravir Tablet Price in Pakistan will possibly disclose soon here. We try to collect it from medical stores.

Availability of Favipiravir and Avigan in Pakistan:

Right now, the availability of Favipiravir and Avigan in Pakistan is also a question. Because this is not a common medicine in Pakistan that will use for Flu, that’s why maybe it available on few top medical stores.

Furthermore, if it’s proved too worked as coronavirus medicine then surely soon it will reach stores.

the rate of this tab

The previous year the license of this company was canceled by the government and then they only prepare flu drugs on just government order. Without government permission, they cannot make flu drugs. And, the Japanese government is well aware of the world situation. So, defiantly now again this medicine is coming to the market.

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