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Al Nasar Lab Online Reports Patient Login Rate List 2024

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    The option of Al Nasar Lab Online Reports Patient Login is best to check the result of your test somewhere you have the option of the internet. Meanwhile through Al Nasar Lab Lahore rate list 2024, one will take an idea about the charges. It’s a reality that the patient traveled a lot just to give the sample of a medical test. So, it’s not easy for them to come back the next day to collect the test reports. That’s why; they prefer to check the test result online at home. In Pakistan, there are numbers of Medical Labs available, who provide the best service for patients. They all provide examination records to their customers in two ways by hand or online. But among them, the Al Nasar laboratory is one of the most recommendable ones by the doctors. Because their opinions are very precise.

    • Furthermore, the option of Al Nasar Lab Online Reports through Patient Login is also convenient; through which one can easily find the entire data at home. While al Nasar lab rate list 2024 carry acceptable charges.

    Besides this Al Nasar laboratory provide special offers to their loyal customers such as free home sampling, online test reports and portable X-Ray(at the doorstep).

    • How to Check Al Nasar Lab Online Reports?

    Al Nasar Lab Online Reports Patient Login:

    First and foremost, open the login portal. Then by providing the info of Patient and Case number, one will take the detail of the test.

    After this NexusPro Patient Login Area opens in front of your eyes and you can see the two options. No 1.Patient Number and No.2.Case Number. You should enter both numbers from the receipt of Al Nasar Lab which you get at the test sample time. After submitting the number you can see the test result easily.

    Al Nasar Lab Services

    • CT Scan(128 Slice)
    • Open MRI
    • Ultrasound
    • 3-D Digital Dental Imaging
    • All Lab Tests
    • Digital X-Ray & Digital Mammography

    Al Nasar Lab Opening Hours

    Monday to Saturday 8.00 AM TO 12.00 MN
    Sunday 8.00 AM TO 11.00 PM

    Contact Number: For Whatsapp (0302-8400944) and for call 0300-0341944 is the second number for assistance.

    Anyone will confirm or verify the charges of any test from their number.

    Al Nasar Lab Rate List 2024:

    Surely, Al Nasar Lab rate list 2024 is varying from one test to another. A confusion that most of patients faced related to this lab is the list of ongoing test charges. Nonetheless, number for help or support is operational.

    • Major Health Package by Al Nasar Lab (Old, Maybe they are not valid now)

    1: Comprehensive Medical Package

    • Only (8,500)Rupees

    If ladies add DEXA Scan+ Mammography then they need to pay (12,000) Rupees

    For the male this package available with DEXA Scan in (10,000) Rupees

    2: Elderly Diagnostic Package

    • One just need to pay (7,500) Rupees

    After adding DEXA Scane + Mammography in this package for Ladies (11,000) Rupees

    For the male this package available with DEXA Scan in 9,000 Rupees

    For test

    3: Diabetes Package

    In Just (4000) Rupees

    4: Healthy Woman Package

    • In just 7000 Rupees

    This Lab gives the option of this package with DEXA Scane+Mammography in (10,000) Rupees

    The focus of this Lab is to come up with reliable, high quality, timely, cost-effective and innovative appropriate services along with the right information to their clients. Meanwhile, they always try to provide benefits to patients. Currently, for the accuracy of the report, this is the first name that comes to the mind of every people. Hopefully, now you can check Al Nasar Lab online reports patient by login and also early reviews 2024 rate list of Alnasar lab, and decides all things in a better way.

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