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    In the 3rd world developing countries, loan scholarships are provided to the facilitate the financially weak students so that they can continue their higher education. Some details of educational interest free study loan for students in Pakistan is cover in this article. The need to provide financial support the students who belong to the middle or lower middle class families is widely recognized across the world. In this way, these students can meet their educational needs. These educational loans are also introduced to ensure the equal educational opportunities to all sectors of society.

    Many talented and genius students ambitiously plan about their future studies and set their goals of acquiring admission in the top universities of their selected field but when the time of execution comes near, the financial crises becomes the greatest hurdle. So, most of the brilliant studies are unable to fulfil their dreams just because they do not have enough financial resources and all their talent remains unpolished. In such cases, the educational loan is the only way to rescue the helpless students. Today, it has become very convenient to apply for and get the loan scholarship for higher studies in Pakistan and even abroad. The procedure has been simplified and the terms are very relaxing. Many national banks of developing countries offer such loan for the students.


    The educational loan scheme are basically characterized as providing the money to the students for their educational expenses that may include semester fee, tuition fee, books buying or residential expenses. This loan has to be replayed by the student with or without interest after the completion of degree. Apart from these basic characteristics, there are some specific terms and conditions of loan policies for the students that must be considered before going to get loan scholarship for higher students.

    Surveys have proved that these loan programs for students have played a vital role in increasing the percentage of students having higher education. Consequently, the country is benefited indirectly because all the highly qualified talented people have the potential, if used positively to make the bright future of the country. The specialists all various fields would be available in the country so there would not be any need of importing foreign qualified specialists. Moreover, the literacy rate would also increase frequently with more students getting chance to study in the education institution. Thus, these loan schemes are beneficial not only for the students but can play a vital role in the development of a country by providing the quality graduates.

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