Ufone Advance Balance Loan Code

Ufone Advance Balance Loan Code and all the procedures are here list down so that it is become easy for everyone who want to know anything about Ufone Advance Balance Loan. Now the telecom sector is in fighting situation, each network is very strong and try to capture all the customers of Pakistan so in this race they all offering many offers. Among all offer one of the offer is advance balance loan. All the telecom companies are offering advance loan of some rupees and all are in a different ways. To get the loan procedure is different for all companies even amount given as a loan is also change from each other. So in this world of competition Ufone also offering Ufone Advance Balance Loan of Rs. 30 to all its subscribers. When you ran out of balance and you need to call for some important purpose than on the spot Ufone will  provide you a loan of Rs.15 and if this is not enough than by consuming your first loan you can also ask for second loan of Rs.15 so by this you can use a balance of Rs. 30 as a loan from Ufone.

Ufone Advance Balance Loan Code

Ufone Advance Balance Loan Code

How to get Ufone Advance Balance Loan

Just dial *456# and Rs.15 loan is transferred to your mobile account so that you can make call.

After consuming that loan if you want some more Loan than again dial *456# and again Rs. 15 loan is given to you by Ufone.

Amount to return 1 level

[Loan Amount+ (Service Charges +Tax)]

Rs.15+Rs.1.5+Rs.0.29 = Rs.16.79

Amount to return 2 levels

[Loan Amount+ (Service Charges +Tax)] + [Loan Amount+ (Service Charges +Tax)]

(Rs.15+Rs.1.5+Rs.0.29) + (Rs.15+Rs.1.5+Rs.0.29) = Rs.33.58

Term & conditions:

  • Ufone Advance Balance Loan facility is only for Prepay customers.
  • Ufone Advance Balance Loan is available only for Voice Calls.
  • The loan amount will be deducted from the next recharge.
  • Only customers with a balance less than Rs.2.50+tax can avail the ULoan service.
  • 19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.

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