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    Labor class of any country plays a vital role in nation building. But the factual figure depicts their miserable conditions. The Labor (labour) Day was celebrated on 1st may every year, to show some tribute and solidarity to the labor class. Pakistan is celebrating the Labor Day since 1947 just after becoming a member of international Labor Day (ILO). In this regard, the 1st labor policy was announced in 1972, which declares 1st May as an official holiday. The core reason for the Labor Day celebration is 24/7 work in Chicago. The brutal killings of labor men in Chicago led the Labor Day movement empowered and the movement results in international Labor Day celebration all over the globe. In present economic conditions of Pakistan, the labor is suffering harshly.

    The energy crises increased the labor problems to new heights. The industry is not working, and hence there is no employment. These circumstances affect the labor class directly. Unemployment develops frustration among the people which causes many social problems, including an increase in robbery, rape cases, suicide ratio, and many others.

    To overcome the problems, we need to improve our resources to fulfill the country needs. We are presently living in the era of globalization, where we need to walk with the world. This would only be done by solving labor issues because labor class is the backbone of any country’s economy. And the economy is the only key to success. The speeches, seminars, articles are not sufficient enough for labor; they need some concrete steps for their betterment.

    In Pakistan, the minimum labor pay is only RS 8000 (providing the work availability 30 days a month) and pension is RS 2000 only, whereas flour bag costs approaching RS 900, oil prize is touching 200 per kg and same for everything. If one trying to set a budget in Rs 8000, he would know the fact that it could only help to provide food. The else basic needs including medicine, clothing, rent of the house and many more will be left unavailable them.

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    Government need to solve the energy crises on a priority basis; have a check on private industry and also to improve their resources as per requirement. The resolutions of these problems help in developing a trustworthy and comfortable environment in Pakistan industry both for labor and investor. The labor needs some serious efforts from power corridors to get their issues resolved and enjoy the basic facilities as a human.

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