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Toyota Belta Price in Pakistan 2024 Fuel Mileage, Tank Capacity

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    The new market Toyota Belta price in Pakistan 2024 is almost “3,350,000 Rupees“. Basically, this is an imported vehicle and now exists in the Pakistan automobile market. Furthermore, the trend of Japanese imported automobiles is growing up in Pakistan. Although these are used cars, nevertheless their condition is very close to locally assembled brand new vehicles. But specs wise these are far better than the local ones. One of their latest highlighted cars is the 1000cc Belta. Now the fresh model Toyota Belta Price in Pakistan 2024 is fair as compared to its feature.

    Toyota Belta Price in Pakistan 2024

    Of fresh import, the Toyota Belta Price in Pakistan 2024 will depend on the manufacturing model and condition of the car. Further, it lies in between 28 Lac to 32 Lac and in recent jump, its latest model will worth more than this.

    Toyota Belta 1000cc Price in Pakistan 2024 Approx. 2,900,000 Rupees
    Toyota Belta 1300cc Price in Pakistan 2024 Approx. 3,350,000 Rupees

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    an beautiful car

    Toyota Belta Specifications:

    • Its a 1000 Automatic (CVT) car that just seems like a 1300cc vehicle
    • Although it’s a 180 KM/H top-speed car, in a country like Pakistan it’s appropriate for the speed limit is between 100 to 130 KM/H.
    • Its front brakes are of Ventilated Discs. Meanwhile, the back ones are Drums.
    • The most suitable tire for this car is 4 inches.

    Toyota Belta Fuel Mileage

    This vehicle launched with a 1000cc engine and the outer body is big. So, before buying people find the Toyota Belts Fuel mileage which is 14KM in City and 16KM on the motorway.

    Toyota Belta 1000cc fuel Consumption 14 KM
    Toyota Belta 1300cc fuel consumption 12 KM

    Toyota Belta Fuel Tank Capacity

    Along with a small engine, a big fuel tank is inserted by the company that stores around 43 Liter of fuel at a time. Just one time fill and you can do long travel.

    Fuel Tank Capacity 43 Liters

    Toyota Belta Colors

    Toyota Belta comes in different colors but three colors much popular in Pakistan White, Black, and Blue. Besides many other colors exist.

    • White
    • Black
    • Blue

    Approximate Dimensions:

    Length 4,299 mm
    Width 1,691 mm
    Height 1,461 mm

    Toyota Belta Engine Cc:

    In Pakistan Toyota Belta engine is a 1000Cc engine. In other foreign countries, this vehicle launched with two different variants. The first variant comes with a 1000Cc engine 2nd Variant launched with a 1300Cc engine.

    • 1000Cc
    • 1300Cc

    Ground Clearance:

    Rumored 171mm is the ground clearance of the Toyota Belta. Ground clerance is a very matter able thing becasue people who live in Rural areas are interested to buy this car.

    Ground Clearance 171mm

    Inner Looks of this Belta Car:

    this car inner

    As per the market, Toyota Belta Price in Pakistan 2024 has shuffled many of times. As it’s clear multiple times, this is not a brand new car. So, never think that the 2024 import vehicle is of the same model. Although one has the option to import any of its models, with this, its rate will go up. So, it all rely on you in which range you will like to buy this beautiful vehicle.

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