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    In these worst conditions of law and order in Pakistan everyone is search for a place where one save some worthy and costly things. For this bank in Pakistan is quite save place where number of peoples feels that their accessory or rupees remain save. After this major question is that which bank lockers are safe in Pakistan and charges that is detect as rent of related thing that is going to place here. Although a period of time ago this distinguish is not asked because bank is a place on which every one trust. But from couples of years some banks are also not remains save. These security threats are come out when banks never cover every security loop that is their major responsibility. Due to this in previous couple of year now lockers of every bank are not remains safe.

    This is the reason that such type of questions are arise and peoples are force to select a save one among these number of lockers. Here we given list of banks who tries their level best to cover every security loop.

    • Faysal Bank
    • Bank Alfalah
    • Standard Chartered Bank
    • UBL
    • HBL
    • MCB
    • NBP
    • Soneri Bank
    • Summit Bank
    • Silk Bank
    • BOP
    • KASB

    Every Bank in Pakistan further integrates these lockers in three types:

    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large

    This division in lockers is doing according to amount of products that is going to store in this locker. While size of products are also effects on the locker size where one is going to store product.


    • For Small Locker Rent is Two Thousand 2000/00 Rupees.
    • For Medium Locker Rent are Three Thousand 3000/00 Rupees.
    • For Large Size Locker Rent are Four Thousand Rupees 4000/00 Rupees.

    These rent are for one year a deal is also available according to which one life time book these lockers whose detail is given as;

    Small: Twenty Thousand 20,000

    • Medium: Thirty Thousand 30,000

    Large: Fifty Thousand 50,000


    These charges are not same for all banks that are given in above list but every bank rent rates are rounded about this about that given above. Hopefully information is enough for the purpose that which bank lockers are safe in Pakistan with a detail of its charges that are detect as rent.

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