Federal Urdu University Karachi FUUAST Fee Structure 2023

An increase is probably observed in the Federal Urdu University Karachi FUUAST fee structure 2023 that’s is due to more uni expense. As a nation, we are going away from our national language. Although this is the best one but now we ran behind international standards that are not fair at all. In these circumstances, few institutes live it and among those ones never fail to remember FUUAST Federal Urdu University. They offer all degrees in Arts and science and technology at a master’s MA as well as Bachelor’s level (BA Or BS). Now their 2023 admission is in the proceedings too. They almost cover whole groups that they offer for students.

FUUAST Fee Structure 2023:

Every department is responsible for organizing their whole things, so the candidate will aware of respective FUUAST fee structure 2023. Meanwhile once again they aim to follow merit, so never waste your time in any inappropriate way.

Federal Urdu University Karachi Morning Fee Structure 2023:

Before admission, the morning fee structure of Federal Urdu University Karachi is clear in 2023. This has law, pharmd, and all other ba or bsc or every program that they offer for session.

The table has all stats:

FUUAST Morning Programs Per Semester Fee Other Admission Charges(One time)
LLB 52,000 Rupees 74,000 Rupees
Pharmd 44,500 Rupees 78,500 Rupees
BS(Arts) of any program 10,400 Rupees 32,400 Rupees
B.Ed. 19,600 Rupees 41,600 Rupees
BS(Majority Science Groups) 19600/ Same 41,600/
BBA 28,800 Rupees 50,800 Rupees
BSCS 29,900 Rupees 51,900 Rupees
  • Then, their is:

Federal Urdu University Karachi Evening Fee Structure 2023:

They launch various natures of programs. even now they expand their work on other campuses. They also have the advantage to open their campus in any province of Pakistan too. While, Federal Urdu University Karachi evening fee structure 2023 is little bit greater then morning time. The stats are:

FUUAST Evening Programs Per Semester Fee(Last Year)
Other Admission Charges(One time)
Pharmd 52,000 Rupees 84,000 Rupees
BS(Arts) and in evening they offer four programs 20,000 Rupees 40,000 Rupees
Biotechnology 38,000 Rupees 58,000 Rupees
BS(Science Group) 20,000 Rupees 40,000 Rupees
BBA 26,000 Rupees 46,000 Rupees

If one sees the basic priority field then they especially focus on the arts language later on they expand their work. Even their advertisement is also coming into this language. This is great that someone tries to work on its improvement.

the current one

┬áBut many new things will try here, from the last couple of years they were lacking because of funds issues. If officials focus on research work then they produce more results. This is not difficult just a small budget and focus are its basic requirements. It’s also a govt and private sector responsibility that they specify some seats for the graduates and masters of this language. Further, the Federal Urdu University Karachi or FUUAST fee structure 2023 will clear the exact picture. Hopefully, things will go better in the upcoming time.

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