How to Check Your Name in Voter List in Pakistan Online For Vote Verification

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    Unquestionably, voting is one of the most important procedures which build a strong relationship between society and rulers. But previously, most of the people did not know the importance of their votes; especially youngsters are avoiding from this process. But in recent few years, amazingly youth is much energetic to register and cast their votes. So it’s important for them to knows that how to check your name in voter list in Pakistan online for the verification of vote.  As per role, a voter list is much important for voting purpose, because it comprised your entire info and area where one is registered to cast. Hopefully, in the upcoming general election, the voters turn out will rise up that is a healthy sign for the local community.

    Instead of complaining, vote for a right person that do well for the country. Keep in mind, that after the election, these electable control your development jobs and all other things. Simply through this process, you can elect the government which you want to see in your country.

    In countries like Pakistan, these provisional or national assembly members have much power to take good or bad decisions. So, just make sure that your vote is going in the right direction.

    How to Check Your Name in Voter List in Pakistan?

    If someone wants to check their name in voter list prepared by Election Commission of Pakistan.

    Step 1 First of writing The CNIC number without dashes
    Step 2 Send an SMS at the Number”8300”.

    Election Commission of Pakistan starts this service with the partnership of NADRA to facilitate the eligible voter who wants to check their registration status. So people can get all information through entering their CNIC number and sending the SMS to the number 8300.

    After this, you receive the full detail of their

    • Electoral area
    • Block code
    • Serial number

    review your vote

    SMS Charges for this Service

    • If someone sends an SMS at the number 8300 will be charged: 2 Rupees +taxes

    Meanwhile, right now the online service to verify your vote is not available. So the only way that how to check your name in voter list in Pakistan is only possible through SMS. Maybe the online verification for your vote will launch soon. You should know voting is the easiest thing which everyone to do, so there should be no excuse for this task. Next time, if there is an election in our country, must use the right of vote.

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