PTI Jalsa Schedule September 2024 List for Upcoming Election

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    In real, PTI Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaaf has really come out as one of the emerging and raised political party. Right now, they are working to make its huge and big presence in Pakistan and for this PTI Jalsa Schedule September 2024 list for upcoming general and by election are definitely a key in their success. They have already made a name in KPK and now its time to hold feet in other provinces of Pakistan. That’s why, they organize these big gatherings, through which they want to build hype. Through this, they also make promises that if they will be given a due share in government powers then they can make severe positive developments in all sectors.

    PTI Jalsa Schedule September 2024:

    Since the previous election, they have really made their political party all mature. They always hold big and huge Jalsas for the purpose of campaigning, or for dharna etc. So, again PTI Jalsa schedule September 2024 list will expected too be well planned and they will make sure to make them big at any cost.

    • Note: The last jalsa of this schedule will held on 11 Sep in “Quetta“. Moreover, other cities where they arrange the next jalsa are let out but dates will yet not come out.
    Dates of PTI Jalsa in September Jalsa City
    1 Sep Sargodha
    2 Sep Gujrat
    3 Sep Bhawalpur
    4 Sep Faisalabad
    6 Sep Mardan
    7 Sep Bhawalnagar
    8 Sep Multan
    9 Sep Sheikupura
    10 Sep Gujranwala
    11 Sep Quetta

    The other:

    PTI Jalsa Schedule List 2024:

    • As coming are the months of by elections, so PTI Jalsa Schedule list 2024 is fully packed and the party chairman is also trying to make sure his attendance in all of them. So, if you are supporter of this party and has this desire to join their jalas can note down the list.

    After the result of last by election, PTI got historical win that’s why now they want to commence their next Jalsa session. Surely, they have planned the next jalsa to proceed in the premises and zones of Pakistan.

    In all recent Jalsas, this party manages to carry big crowds with them. Importantly, PTI party has got a big support from the youth. Let us see that likewise their gatherings and rallies are getting successful, so whether this party will be able to make their government in Punjab province or not.

    the next election

    This party has gain a lot in between this frame of 5 years and for the upcoming elections 2024, they will give a tough time to other political parties. Regarding the politics of this country, upcoming few days are really important as PTI Jalsa schedule September 2024 list is in line. So through these activities how much success they will gain in public is interesting to note. Overall, they expect much from it.

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