PP 168 By Election Result 2024 Malik Asad Khokhar PMLN vs Malik Nawaz Awan PTI

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    During by election 2024 from PP 168 Lahore, Malik Asad Khokhar PMLN vs Malik Nawaz Awan PTI are contesting. Both are strong candidates so PP 168 By election result 2024 will expected close. In this constituency of Lahore, cast play an important role. Because Khokhar present in majority in this constituency and they have a great unity between each other. In every election they support any candidate with unity and play an important in this seat. Candidates of PMLN belong to this cast. So, the one who get greater support of their cast have advantage on other.

    PP 168 By Election Result 2024:

    At present, the position of Malik Asad Ali Khokhar(ticket holder of PMLN) is apparently strong then his opponent. He also got some sympathy vote because of his brother. So, the PP 168 by election result 2024 is apparently going to be in his favor. But, this is much earlier prediction and the voting day will decide things accurately.

    Malik Asad Khokhar PMLN vs Malik Nawaz Awan PTI Election Result 2024:

    • This is the second time that Asad Khokhar is in ground from this constituency and he has sharp look in politic of Lahore. Meanwhile, Malik Nawaz Awan also has strong edge of trending party ticket. For sure, he has ability to surprise all of us with the result of PP 168 by election 2024. Currently, both are busy in getting the favor of people.
    Malik Asad Khokhar PMLN Vote from PP 168 By Election 2024 VS Malik Nawaz Awan PTI Vote from PP 168 By Election 2024
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    From this constituency, no other strong candidates has contested from any other party. While, PPP also collaborate with the PMLN candidate.

    Recent Scenarios:

    • If one follow the candidate of PTI that is Malik Nawaz Awan then he is an young, energetic and active worker of PTI. Although he failed to get ticket in previous election but overall he is also able to done damage.

    While, Asad Khokhar is not a worker of PMLN. In previous election, he is the person who gets reasonable votes from PTI and won but now he change his mind and join this new party.

    Overall results of previous election was that Asad Khokhar won this seat from PTI with a narrow margin. This year he get new party ticket and again tried to perform his best. Overall this year every possibility will happened so time decide about final vote.

    final votes of them

    Prediction of PP 168 By Election Result 2024:

    This is one constituency in which every possibility will create. We are not on any side, so we gave this chance to voters who has complete freedom to select their representative. They can understand better then anyone else that who will the right person to serve.

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