Essay on Dowry System in Pakistan in English Urdu Is it Good or Bad

Basically this is a sort of wage that a wife brings to her husband or his parents on marriage. It can be anything like house, furniture, clothes, cash, vehicles or electronics. Unfortunately in Pakistan it is adopted as a tradition and it is considered as a common practice on marriage ceremonies. A essay on the topic of Dowry System in Pakistan in English that is not difficult to translate in Urdu is here. Summary that is it good or bad is also trying to coves in this article. This is an unethical and dreadful practice. In past, most of the people say that this practice is very becoming common in Pakistan’s urban areas as well as among the uneducated and illiterate people. Now it seems that all such statements are wrong even the educated and rich people have adopted this custom as pride. Even the biggest cities of Pakistan like Karachi and Lahore are overwhelmed under this biggest issue and the girls have to face numerous problems in their married life for not giving dowry to her husband and in-laws.

In Islam it is a curse.advice never got it from any of his wives and even didn’t give it to beloved daughter on her marriage. This is the biggest misconception in Islam but Islam doesn’t stop any father to give gifts to their daughters for a wedding. Now-a-days marriages are done on the basis of conditions, which is somewhat an unfair thing. advice If we see our society and even ourselves it is not useless to say that we have gone far away from the teachings of advice

This system has been running in Pakistan from a long time and now it is taken as a trend. In elite class families dowry is a trend and their parents spend huge amount of debts to give luxurious to their daughters whereas on other hand those families who cannot even afford suffers psychological tension due to such people.


In Pakistan several NGO’s (Non Governmental organizations) are working on the rights of women rights and running campaigns to eradicate this evil issue. The need of hour is that the youngsters should consider it seriously and do discussions with their parents and try to convince them what our Islam says on it and what we actually doing. Dowry is based on exploitation. We try to cover all aspects of Dowry System in this essay in English, hope so one can get answer that its it good or bad in Pakistan. Further translate it in Urdu at your own.

Sorry to say that number of girls in Pakistan has to face rude behavior and to hear taunts from her in-laws and even from her husband. Due to this evil issue illiterate and uneducated families in Pakistan prefer boys over girls. It is very essential to understand that such things are not stated in Islam so the need of time is that this system must be removed that cause many worst things in society.

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