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Most Poor Province in Pakistan According to Survey Reports

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    Pakistan is a under developing country. The reason behind this is the bad governess, military intervene in the politics of Pakistan again and again, unemployment in Pakistan, load shedding and bad law and order situation are the main reasons of the  under developing country Pakistan.

    According to an international report more than 40 percent people are living in under the poverty line. This ratio is in whole the Pakistan and if we talk about the poorest province of Pakistan we will come to know that Baluchistan is the poorest province in Pakistan. According to a report 52 % people are living under the poverty line. There are a lot of reasons behind this but the most important reason is the miss understanding between the federal government and the provincial government of Baluchistan. There is also bad law and order situation, everyday people dies in target killing and suicide bomb attacks. People are so worried from such types of activities. People cannot do their jobs and work properly because of these activities so there is big ratio of poverty in Baluchistan.

    poor province

    Now federal government has started Baluchistan package for the development of Baluchistan, for education, for health, for road infrastructure and creating jobs for the Baluchistan peoples.

    There is a need to overcome the miss understandings of the people of province of Baluchistan. There are a lot of natural sources in Baluchistan. Gwadar port is in Baluchistan which is so important of import and export for other countries but there is a need of good governess so that people can get advantages from these sources and become rich and enjoy their lives with their families.

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