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How to Write a Good Essay in CSS Exam

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    An exam of essay writing is the integral part of CSS written examination. So for all appearing candidates its necessary to know that How to write an essay with best outlines for CSS complete Guide. You need have complete mastery on the skill of good essay writing. There are some pre requisite rules that you should know about for writing a best essay according to the requirements of CSS. This article focuses on the attributes of essay writing for CSS. The students appearing in CSS exams can find a complete guideline in the article for writing essay with best outlines. A good essay has to be comprehensive, convincing, organized, logical and easily understandable for the reader. There must be a logical development of thought in the essay that would lead to winding up analyzing conclusion. Essay writer has to formulate ideas in his mind and then express them with the gradual development and strengthen the ideas with rational argument.

    The beginners do not have to get worried because essay writing is not an inborn talent but is a skill that is developed and polished with learning and practice simultaneously.

    Essay writing can be divided into four different parts on the basis of marking in CSS Exam

    1. Discourse, main idea presented in an essay.
    2. Structure of essay
    3. Outlines
    4. Principles of good essay writing and skillful proficiency in writing good English.

     Discourse or main idea of essay: For CSS level essay writing, a profound knowledge is required on the part of the writer. The major thing that ensure your success is the strong representation of your logical ideas and rational discourse. You should present all ideas with rational evidence of facts and figures. The multi dimensional explanation of the topic is required from you. They will consider how you have comprised, connect and contrast the facts to strengthen your argument. The expression and the versatility of discourse is also important. There should be a change in discourse for example you can use descriptive, narrative and illustrative discourse in a same essay.


    1. Structure of an essay: An essay has three main parts
    • Introduction
    • Body
    • Conclusion
    • Introduction: the first paragraph serves as an introductory paragraph of an essay in which you have to introduce the topic to give a proper understanding to the reader that what is the subject matter of the whole essay.
    • Body: the longest part of the essay is its body that begins after introduction. Body can be consisted of many paragraphs. Every paragraph has an elaborated discussion of ideas and thoughts. The body has a proper development of thought leading to a reasonable conclusion.
    • Conclusions: the last paragraph that sums up the whole argumentation done in body is known as conclusion. It is the theme of whole discourse of the essay.
    1. Outlines: the brief sketch of the essay is known as outlines. It will give a quick view of all the ideas. It will give a quick view of all the ideas discussed in essay. So, you should practice a lot in making outlines which are the first impression.

    Principle of good essay and proficiency in writing good English: unity, coherence, order and semetery are the general principle of essay writing. The skillful prescience and mastery in English language is also necessary if one want to know that How to write a good essay in css exam.

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