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Current Inflation Rate in Pakistan 2024

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    In recent months, the current inflation rate in Pakistan 2024 is in an alarming situation for the citizen of this country. According to the Government, this is very low instead of previous years. But this is not true because you know there are two types of people live in every society including in Pakistan. The first type of people belongs to a low-income group and the second high-income group. So dearness captured the group of low income, for them, it’s very difficult to survive. There are different causes of dearness in this country and the main cause is less earning opportunities. Poor and middle-class people much suffered because of their income sources very less. On the other hand rich persons like industrialists, businessmen, traders are not much affected.

    Every Govt claims that they overcome dearness and provide general goods at a low price. If you compare the current prices of general things with some year ago goods. One can easily see the difference between them.

    Current Inflation Rate in Pakistan 2024:

    • The current inflation rate in Pakistan 2024 is increased is “12.85%” at this moment that may change in next months. A need for the current hour is that the govt will revise its policies and take better steps than last year.

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    One can easily estimate the current price rates of different things with some year ago price list. In other countries general goods like poultry, dairy products available at low price rate. Beside this in Pakistan medicines prices along with medical goods increased from last some years. Everyone in the field of medicine increases the prices according to their profits. There is no check and balance from the government side and through this, middle class along with poor people affected.

    Some popular companies provide medicine at cheap price but the honors of medicine shops sell out with high rates. Doctors also play a vital role because they prescribed high price medicines to get some profit. So one can say that this society has contributions to make things worst one. So it’s essential that we all contribute to controlling the current inflation rate in Pakistan 2024 through which we will save the upcoming generation.

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