Ghee Price in Pakistan 2024 Dalda, Habib, Kashmir, Tullo

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    In Pakistan, different banaspati brands introduce various ghee with different prices and tastes. Especially in the previous two months, the Banaspati price has risen high suddenly and everyone asks about Ghee price in Pakistan 2024 Dalda, Habib, Kashmir, and Tullo. These brands are much more credible and work from previous many years but now some more brands like Khajoor, Dastak, Areej are also came forward in their competition. Prices of these new banaspati ghee are the lowest as compared to old names. They mostly come in three different packing’s 1KG, 5KG, and 12KG. So, Ghee Price in Pakistan 2024 along with the packing size mentioned.

    Dalda Ghee Price In Pakistan 2024

    Dalda is one of the oldest and well know companies in Banaspati. In past, around 80% of people use this company’s ghee due to its good quality, excellent taste, and economical price. But these days, this company revise the prices, and people are unaware.

    Dalda Ghee Price

    Packing Price
    Dalda VTF Banaspati Ghee each 1 KG Pack of 5 2,500 Rupees
    Dalda Banaspati Ghee Fortified in 2.5 Kg Tin Pack 1,320 Rupees
    Dalda Banaspati of 1 KG Pouch 520 Rupees
    Banaspati Ghee 5 KG in the Tin Pack 2,510 Rupees

    Habib Ghee Price in Pakistan 2024

    Like others, Habib Banaspati company also changed prices of all packing of ghee as well as 1KG, 5KG, and 2.5KG too. This change is not easy for company and for buyers too.

    Habib Ghee Price

    Packing Price
    Habib Banaspati Ghee packing of 5 Pouch and each is 1kg Pack 2,510 Rupees
    Habib Banaspati Ghee of 1KG 500 Rupees
    Habib Banspati Ghee Tin that is for (2.5Kg) 1380 Rupees

    Kashmir Ghee Price in Pakistan 2024 Today

    Their quality is also fine and it’s also apparently feel that Kashmir Ghee prices are lesser then the upper two name. But, this is not reality without a difference of bigger pack like of 16KG, 12KG, 5KG, and 1KG too.

    Kashmir Ghee Tin 16 KG 8300 Rupees
    Kashmir Ghee Basket 16 KG 8350 Rupees
    Kashmir Ghee Cotton 12 KG 6230 Rupees
    Kashmir Ghee 5 KG 2650 Rupees
    Kashmir 1kg Ghee 515 Rupees

    Tullo Ghee Price in Pakistan 2024

    The latest price of Tullo Ghee by the company is also rise in every of their category. But, the most saleable options are:

     Tullo Ghee Price

    Tullo Ghee 1 Kg 515 Rupees
    Tullo 1x5kg Pack Ghee Price 2,380 Rupees
    Tullo Banaspati Ghee 5kg Tin

    Ghee Price in Pakistan 2024

    1 Kg Ghee Price in Pakistan Today 2024:

    Every of banaspati ghee that have recently launched in the market now have 1 kg ghee prices written in the table. Moreover, the prices of these brands are the lowest as compared to Dalda, Habib, Tullo, and Kashmir.

    1 KG Price in Rupees

    Packing(1kg) and Banaspati Ghee Brand Name
    Shama Banaspati Ghee  515
    Kisan Ghee 485
    Shan Ghee 520
    Sultan Ghee 495
    Taaza Ghee 490
    Khajoor Ghee 480
    Eva Vtf Banaspati 485

    Due to high inflation, people prefer to lowest range Banaspati, and everyone looking for ghee price in Pakistan 2024. So, the names of all of them along with prices of 1kg, 5kg, and 16kg packs are all approximate and may change on different stores. Because they offer discounts on some brands that lower the rates for a time.

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