Q Mobiles X6 price and specifications in Pakistan

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    Now Q Mobiles X6 price and specifications in Pakistan will announce. This time Qmobile announce mobile phone whose price is not too much high. During launching of every mobile they target a class through which they promote it. This time they target a class that prefer to a mobile phone which fulfill their basic requirements. If one sees the specifications of Q Mobiles X6 then this is a mobile that had total features that every mobile user wanted in their phone. It is good looking and suitable on carrying it. Another important thing is that in now mobile user must wanted two things; one is dual sim while other is long lasting battery. This mobile contains both of these properties and his light weight just him a positive edge. This is one simple and beautiful mobile phone that launch under the house of qmobile.  It will accept that it fulfill the whole basic requirement of users. Below we describe its total features and specifications so keep in touch with this page.

    Q Mobiles X6 price and specifications in Pakistan

    Q Mobiles X6 price and specifications in Pakistan

    Q Mobiles X6 price and specifications in Pakistan are given there..

    Specifications of Q Mobiles X6:

    1. The most important specification of Q Mobiles X6 is that its shape is really simple. This mobile phone is very easy to use.
    2. Secondly, Qmobile X6 is equally popular in all age of persons. Just like youngsters prefer to social networking such as Facebook, Twitter & Yahoo. They also wanted to enjoy music and its marathon battery for music, video play also beneficial for youngsters. While mature people like its decent look.
    3. If we talk about the technical aspects then Qmobile X6 has dual sim and it supports two different mobile operators. In this way, users can use the package according to their choice with complete freedom.
    4. Moreover, the screen size of Qmobile M500 is bit small as compared to price. We would like mention that the size screen of this mobile phone is 2.6 inch along with QVGA screen.
    5. Furthermore, this mobile phone has the Bluetooth, USB, GPRS  option for sharing videos, movies and pictures. This is considered to be good option for those people who wants to enjoy entertainment and music.


    This mobile is very good according to its specifications. While they also offer price that will be sufficient according to its feathers. In Pakistan price of Q Mobiles X6 is Rs. 4750 that seems quite reasonable. This is one good mobile in affordable price.

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