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    In the finishing of every house or building, paint must be good to make it beautiful. In Pakistan, Gobis Paint price list 2024 is for those who are planning for its purchase. For either outside or inner of wall; the result of their paint is superior. Further, they also part their products in different series that shows for which purpose it is better to use. One of their latest gold series is most special which is recommended for modern houses. As well as, other regular used paints of Gobis like distemper, plastic emulsion, wall putty, primer are also very fine to use. With other aspects, they also put effort on supply system in every major city.

    Gobis Paint Price List 2024:

    To maintain the standard, Gobis Paint price list 2024 is almost equal in whole country. Maybe, very few shops are trying to increase their sale by reducing their own margin. But this brand is demanding it similar and they will surely work on it more for better implementations.

    • Gobis Premium Paint Category Price: (Approx.)
    Type 0.91 or 1 Liter Price 2.64 Liter Price 3.64 or 4 Liter Price
    Plastic Emulsion 1,425 Rupees 3,700 Rupees 5,550 Rupees
    Silk Sheen Vinyle Emulsion 860 2,440 3,320
    Enamel Matt Finish or Egg Shell Matt Enamel 1,930 5,515 7,580
    Wall Filler 568 Rupees of (1.25 KG) 2,025 Rupees of (5kg) 5,547 Rupees of (14 kg)
    Wall Sealer 1,311 Rupees N/A 5,042
    Red Oxide Primer 1,230 N/A 4,490

    Gobis Paint Price in Pakistan 2024:

    From foundation work through wall putty or basic distemper, Gobis Paint price in Pakistan 2024 has an comprehensive figures. So, if a person needs plastic emulsion, primer or any more paints are covered in it.

    • Gobis Silver Line Paint Category Price: (Approx.)
    Type 0.91 or 1 Liter Price 2.64 Liter Price 3.64 or 4 Liter Price
    Interior Emulsion or Distemper 750 Rupees 2,070 Rupees 2,850 Rupees
    Gloss Finish Enamel 1,660 3,953  of (2.2 Liter) 6,500
    Metallic Finish 1,785  4,212  of (2.2 Liter) 6,970
    Wall Sealer 870 N/A 3,327
    Mixing Silver 1,366 N/A 5,233
    •  Gobis Gold Paint Category Price: (Approx.)
    Type 0.91 or 1 Liter Price 3.64 or 4 Liter Price 14.56 or 16 Liter Price
    Interior Emulsion 620 Rupees 2,320 Rupees 8,930 Rupees
    Weather Guard 1,355 5,275 20,890
    Plastic Emulsion 1,040 3,950 15,580
    Gloss Enamel  1,350  5,160  N/A
    Metallic Enamel 1,425 5,480  N/A
    Wall Putty 387  of (1.25 kg) 1,231  of (5 kg) 4,773  of (20 kg)
    Oxide Primer 955 3,610 14,295
    Matt Enamel 1,490 5,685 22,600

    Or Check:

    • This is useful in final pick that which suit you more.

    good type of paint

    Work of Gobis Paint is indicating that they focused on the sections where community face issues after paint. Like during summer, there is problem of paint durability that’s why a summer line is bringing in for better result.

    Other main group in which they major make division is Premium, Gold and Silverline. And there are reasons behind these integrations that surely improved them more. And Gobis Paint price list 2024 in Pakistan is also differentiating accordingly. For more luxury looks or for any particular need, choose their paint category sensibly and later on you will observe outcome from it.

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