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    Despite cold or hot weather, a fridge is an additional appliance of every home. That’s why better is that one will buy a good quality product. Out of all other brands, PEL deep freezer price in Pakistan 2024 is reasonable, which also produces the best possible result in every type of season. It’s a factor of local appliance that their output has reduced in hot weather. But a prominent feature of PEL Deep Freezer is that it delivered quality output in summers too.  Furthermore, now a different model of this brand is available in the market. These are different in specs and looks too. So, depending on the choice, one will select anyone among them.

     PEL Deep Freezer Price in Pakistan 2024:

    The comprehensive list of PEL deep freezer price in Pakistan 2024 shows that the rates of every model are different from others. There are various factors that play their role in the price. We will discuss a few of them in the below text.

    • One of the key specs of every Pel Freezer is its energy efficiency. Probably, every new model is more efficient than the previous one. So an item that is more efficient cost more amount of money.

    PEL Freezer Price in Pakistan 2024:

    The underneath chart of the PEL freezer price covers a single and double door deep freezer. Hopefully, this will assist you to choose the ideal one.

    Single Door:

    Model Price
    PDF70-100 56,900 (275 Liter)

    60,500 (370 Liter)

    66,500 (410 Liter)

    PDIN70-100 61,900 (275 Liter)

    65,500(370 Liter)

    • Double Door:
    Model Price
    PDFT70-135 67,500 (410 Liter)

    65,900 (370 Liter)

    PDINT70-135 73,500 (410 Liter)

    71,900 (370 Liter)

    • Crystal Double Door: Its in 73,500 Rupees

    The outer look is a major factor in the rates. Now a number of pel fridge with glass coating is also on stores. The rates of such items are obviously higher than the simple looks fridges.

    • PEL Inverter Deep Freezer price in Pakistan: 62,000 Rupees of Single door and 72,000 of double door ( This will consume less electricity from any of the normal model)

    only rate

    Apart from them, spec like rapid cooling also plays a major role in increasing demand and price. Hopefully, this review of the pel fridge will help you to understand its increasing demand. At last, if one will go to buy any type of fridge, they must compare the PEL deep freezer price in Pakistan 2024 and specs with others. Hopefully, this will also help you to select the best item.

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