Shahzad Water Pump Price List 2023 in Pakistan

Usage of water in the summer is obviously raised a lot. So, to fill this need, a quality pump is necessary that quickly drag water into the tank. And, Shahzad is a trust able brand of this line. In Pakistan, the Shahzad Water Pump price list 2023 has many of pumps model and one will buy anyone according to the need. For user, who want to get water at more height or their water is at more deeper level then a high power pump suit him. Apart from this difference, they believe on best possible advanced quality and even now they came up with the presser booster pump whose performance is better then conventional ones.

Shahzad Water Pump Price List 2023:

Demand wise, sp+1, sp+2 and sp+3 are the top three Shahzad Water Pump model. While, their accessibility is also easy as one will get it from many of stores. Moreover, the price list of Shahzad Water Pump in 2023 is also changing from the rates of last year.

Furthermore, the

Shahzad Water Pump Price in Pakistan:

  • In any city like for Lahore, Faisalabad or Karachi or any other city, the Shahzad Water Pump Price in Pakistan is same. Again, the capacity and type will decide the actual change in rate. So, at very first, the name is:

Shahzad Pumps sp+2 Price in Lahore:

A middle category pump that most of shopper recommends for the future too. Hopefully, shahzad pumps sp+2 price in Lahore is similarly implementing on every shop that is approximate.

  • 20,900 Rupees

Few other pumps and their cost are:

Type Price (This may varies from shop to shop)
Shahzad Pump sp+3 Price 26,000 Rupees
Shahzad Pump sp+1 Price 19,400 Rupees
Shahzad Pump 037 Price 22,500 Rupees
sp+0.5 17,800 Rupees
1.5 hp 35,000
EBS 0.28 18,600
  • Note: We try to get the other pumps rate. Or, second option is also easy.

from the rates of them

This is very limited shahzad pumps price list as their site has not any number about it. But, their helpline will assist the buyers positively. So, call 041 2656244 and talk with them.

There is a history of this company named Shahzad, as soon they will complete the half century of life. In all of these years, they learnt much from their customer and now able to stand at top in making the pumps.

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