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How To Make Your Own Cufflinks

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    If you like to add something in your Dress than How To Make Your Own Cufflinks Writing given below could be good start to boast up your wish.Cufflinks have been one style statement for the men dressing as no suits becomes complete and unanimous until a stylish and luxurious cufflink is not being a part of it. The cufflinks has an old history through which they were evolved but now they are more than a necessity. When creativity comes it enhances the charm of the product so making one’s own cufflinks at home will be more fashionable and trendy. Here are few ways through which one can make his own cufflinks at home.

    How To Make Your Own Cufflinks

    How To Make Your Own Cufflinks

    1. 1.      Button Cufflinks                                                                                                   

    Materials which are being required for making Button Cufflinks are as follows:

    • Thin bendable wires or paperclips.
    • Fabric scraps
    • Two buttons for decoration
    • Wire cutters
    • Scissors
    • Fabric glue


    The initial step is to thread the button with the wire of almost 4 inches long and then make sure that the button is kept intact strongly by twisting the wire several times around the button. Now glue the fabric scraps on to the wire in such a manner that it covers the wire completely and then allow the glue to get dried up now with the help of the wire cutter; cut the fabric scrapped wire to 1 inch and then trim the width of the fabric with the help of the scissors according to the desire. Now while concluding insert the wire ends through the buttonholes on the cuff and then twist the wires back to make it strong and durable.                                                        

    1. 2.      Plug cufflinks

    Materials which are being required for making Plug Cufflinks are as follows:

    • UTP plugs
    • Thin pair-wires
    • Crimping pliers


    At the very first step cut a cable wire till about 2 inches long as it will be the lop that will move through the cuffs in the later stage. Now twist the cable into a loop, make sure that lop should not be too big and it should fit properly into the size of the cuffs. Now slightly untwist the wire so that it could be inserted properly and now with the help of the pliers crease off the cufflinks.

    Making the Backings

    For making the backings take a long piece if wire of almost about 4 inches and once fold it. Now befor2 making the other piece intact with it fold it once again and now insert the cufflink wires through the respective cuffs and then indulge the backing wire through the loop of the cufflinks, now again twist the back of the wire so that the cuffs should be made permanent on the respective place.

    1. 3.      Bottle cap cufflinks

    Materials which are being required for making Bottle cap Cufflinks are as follows:

    • 2 bottle caps
    • 2 cufflink findings
    • Epoxy resins
    • Sandpaper


    In this very unique idea at the very initial stage 2 bottle caps are being taken and if two different caps are desired than take 2 different kinds of soda bottle caps and wash them completely with the washing agents and then dry them carefully. Later use the sandpaper to smoothen the rough edges of the cap by rubbing it with the edges of the bottle cap. Make sure that the bottle cap are turned in such a manner that they should face downwards. Now prepare the epoxy resin and then fill the 2/3 of the cap with it and then leave it for drying. After drying then attach the cufflink at the center of the cap and then pour more of the resin on its side so that the cufflink is being attached with the bottle cover when left for drying again.  Now leave the resin for at least over night for a durable homemade bottle cap cufflinks.

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