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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently without Password and Email

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    The process that How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently without Password and Email is not as simple as one thinks. Technologies bring the revolution in every field of life and become the change in life of the people according to the modern age if people don’t follow the latest technology they don’t making progress in their entire lives. The high speed of internet brings change in their telecommunication industry and to usage of internet is becomes need of the people especially social media like facebook. They don’t live to using facebook and this craze found especially among youngsters. There are so many people in the world too much likes to used facebook for increased their knowledge and collection the information but a lot of youngsters used as hobby and becomes the part of daily routine. People makes id from different name and fake accounts and they don’t activated their account for long time and forgot their email id and password and they wants to deleted their facebook account permanently without password and email but they don’t know how to achieve this goal easily and efficiently.

    There are so many people wants to delete their facebook account permanently due to a lot of friend and people and they don’t having account anymore and they don’t have any email id or password because they forget it. A lot of people asked about the ways how to delete facebook account permanently without password and email and they don’t know about the latest ways about facebook. On the other hand they become fake account any they want to remove it without any kind of hurdles and without deeply understandings.


    Delete facebook account permanently without password and email which are including

    • First of all check their account either it’s blocked or not.
    • Check their profile and go to account setting.
    • Deleted their account through their mobile number.
    • Send their information and follow the instruction and permanently deleted their account.
    • You deleted permanently account then don’t recover their account.

    A Simple Process for the purpose that How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently:

    • For this first of all one Log in to Facebook account.
    • Then if one need to Save any data you save it and going for next step.
    • Now one going to deactivate account one delete all Facebook history.
    • After this one search a option “Delete Account” page.

    Now it’s need to enter password after which a option come for deleting account that is different from the option of deactivation because on facebook deactivation and deletion are two separate things,

    Deactivation is take place immediately while for facebook delete account permanently without Password and Email is different and this will delete in two weeks time period.

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