AGS Battery Price in Pakistan 2022 Dealers in Karachi Lahore

The long life of AGS batteries is their specialty. Although, they add dry, hybrid and dc batteries in their inventory but their top of line items are liquid batteries. Furthermore, AGS Battery Price in Pakistan 2022 has two top regular used liquid model series and much more. Among these, 27 plates, 21 plates, 23 plates, and 15 plate’s are their most selling product.  These all are home used batteries and because of their best outcome, their demand is always stable. No doubt, many other local and importer are bringing in batteries with different technology in Pakistan but still, they do not beat the AGS Company. Meanwhile, the AGS dealers in Karachi or Lahore etc are always on toes for the customers.

AGS Battery Price in Pakistan 2022:

With different powers capacity, plates, Volts and technologies, the AGS Battery Price in Pakistan 2022 is decided. The major difference is of plates that price list is part of this content. Further, they also built a proper online structure that makes a impact on their rates stability.

AGS 27 Plates Battery Price in Pakistan 2022:

  • The predictable price of an AGS 27 plates battery is between Rs. 27,000 to Rs. 30,000. It depends on dealers because some dealers are selling in just 27 thousand rupees as well some dealers are selling in 30 thousand rupees.

Note: We will refer to the original outlet or ags online site where you will buy at the original price.

AGS Battery 27 Plates Model Price
GX-200F 28500 Rupees

After that:

AGS Battery 21 Plates Price in Pakistan 2022:

  • Fluctuation exists in the AGS Battery 21 Plated price because few shop keepers have reduced their profit margin. Further, you can gather the exact price from the official online store.
AGS 21 Plates Battery Model Price
GX-165 20,000 Rupees

AGS Battery 23 Plates Price in Pakistan 2022:

Basically, the company has introduced 23 Plates battery with two different amperes. 1st is 140 Ampere and the 2nd is 150 Ampere. Both are good in use. One of their model and rate is:

AGS 21 Plates Battery Model Price
GX-175 21 Thousand Rupees
  • Other Models of AGS Battery Price List 2022 on Bases of Plates:
Number of Plates Price
19 plates 17,500 (GX -135)
13 plates 11,500(GR-95)
33 plates(GX -260f) 37,500
11 plates 10,000(GR-87)
17 plates(GX -132) 17,000

AGS 175 Battery Price in Pakistan 2022:

For the more efficiency, AGS has begin a new series with the tag of “WS”. They must add something new in it that differentiates it with the older one. But, the AGS 175 Battery is in GX and DC category and its price is:

  • GX is in 21,000 Rupees
  • DC is in 20,500 Rupees

 Moreover, many of other WS and GX models rates are in the table:

AGS 180 Battery Price in Pakistan 18,000 Rupees(WS 180)
AGS 100 Battery Price in Pakistan 13,000(GL 100)
AGS 200 Battery Price in Pakistan 28500( GX 200F)
WS 195 20,000
WS 180 18,000 Rupees
WS 150 16,000 Rupees
WS 110 12,000

all list of the price

After price, the next target for a costumer is that from where he can buy and these locations are:

AGS Battery Dealers in Karachi:

Along with an online shop, AGS is also operating through different dealers, meanwhile, info about some famous reliable dealers that are working on a broad level is given and you can contact them.

Shop Name Contact Number Area
Zahid Battery Shop 0311-8314501 Landhi 3, 1/2
Alnoor Battery 0333-2338893 Quaidabad
Rasheed Battery 0334-2106695 Sohrab Goth
Minhaj Battery 0347-3884635 Located at MA Jinnah Road

Another city where the dealers of AGS are working:

AGS Battery Dealers in Lahore:

The chain of AGS dealership is also organized in Lahore. On purchasing point of view, they are more trusted. They also have almost complete line in their stores.

Seller Name Contact
Tariq Battery Shop 0321-4642326 Ferozpur Road Lahore
Khalid Battery Point 0321-4051245 Chaburji
AGS Battery Shop 0300-8809011 Walton Road
Friend Battery 0300-9481836 Township

Despite of good competition, AGS is a fine battery brand that gives long time support. From the dealers in Karachi or Lahore to the AGS Battery Price in Pakistan 2022, they have a complete system to build a good reputation.  Hopefully, they will work on batteries tech to make their life more and better.

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