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These days, we are living in a kind of situation where health services are going costly. Most of the hospitals are making money for the sake of life. In these miserable conditions, we have this single Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital which works in an honest way. Great work has done by this hospital and much more miracles will yet to be make by this platform. Currently in Pakistan labs reports of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital are considering very precise. Now they introduces online concept in their laboratories, through which one will check these reports at any place. This SKMH deserves a standing ovation from our sides. We are proud of this hospital which is doing such a great work and a noble cause.

Basically its a popular charitable organization. Here you will not see any fake treatment procedures. Everything has carried out in well hygienic conditions. All of the clinical departments of this hospital are working with perfection. Patients from all over country have come there so that they can treat their health issues.

It is one single hospital that treats cancer disease without taking any cost. Almost all of the patients get the best chemotherapeutic procedures and radiation treatment. Currently its one of largest platform for this disease we have in this country.

We have its branches in Lahore and Peshawar. Approximately each branch has equipped with Six hundred beds. Future plans are that a branch of this hospital will sooner be made in the city of Karachi. Surely, a huge amount will require for this project. But its team is motivated and aim to provide best health facilities for the people of this country.

online lab report

 As mention earlier that labs of this hospital has advance machinery. This is the reason that majority of doctor refer their patients to them. Now through online portal, one will check their reports.

Check Lab Reports Click Here

For this purpose, very simple process is offering by shoukat khanum hospital. You just have to write invoice number and access code. Then you will be able to get your test reports immediately. Now their app is also functional through which one will also check the status.

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