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Is Zong 4G will Active on Previous Sim or Need to Buy New Sim Card?

Posted by hasnain sial
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    After introducing 4G by Zong major question that arise in mind of users is that Is Zong 4G will Active on Previous Sim or Need to Buy New Sim Card? answer fro this question is that their is not need to buy a new Zong sim card. Here we try to clear for all those mobile users that already use zong sim are automatically converted to 4G network. According to announcement there is no need to worry because database of old sim is automatically updated for using 4g service. In simple words by default old Zong sim will update to 4G network. But here important thing is that till 4g service is not active in whole over the Pakistan so user that lies in coverage area only take benefit. Initially they start a trial service in major cities of Pakistan. As any sim card will enter in this coverage area 4g services will automatically updated on card. Further depth of this service that in which way 4g network is work is also given there.

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    Basically 4G is connected to signals that are come from BTS and BSC of company. This service will start in those areas where company fixes their setup that generates 4g signal. These signals are equally compatible for old and new zong sim so this thing resolves the issue of purchasing new sim. Major problem is arise for those Zong users that use those phones that are not compatible to catch 4g signals. For this only those smartphones are worked that support these services. So it’s necessary for all those that want to use these services must change their mobile phone and get only those smartphone that supports it because every smartphone is also nit support 4g network.

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