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    For a better future in the account and finance line, doing ACCA in this country is the first preference for majority of instructors and students. By understanding the ACCA fee structure in Pakistan 2024, one can plan the journey effectively and also able to calculate the investment in its completion. Remember that the total cost for this study may look bigger because of the devaluation of local currency but it open door of global job opportunities as well.

    ACCA Fee Structure in Pakistan 2024:

    It must to have good budget for the better preparation of every of course because tuition charged separately from this ACCA fee structure in Pakistan 2024. While, only limited academies offered it that cause an increase in demand.

    • Note: With the change Pakistani currency, these fee may go up or down daily.

    For ACCA Qualification Students:

    Basic Registration 16,391 Rupees (Discount for Limited time)

    32,418 Rupees

    Re Enrollment 32,500 Rupees but 16,500 for Short time
    • Exemption Fees:
    Applied Knowledge exams 30,597 Rupees
    Applied Skills exams 40,432 Rupees
    • Exam Fees:
    Applied Skills exams fees (Regular) 49,174 Rupees
    Late 125,668 Rupees

    Ethics and Professional Skills Module Fee: 27,319 Rupees

    • Strategic Professional (essentials) Fees:
    Strategic Business Leader exam fees (Regular) 86,692 Rupees
    Late 139,510 Rupees
    Strategic Business Reporting exam fees(Regular) 61,923 Rupees
    Late 139,510
    • Strategic Professional (options) Fees:
    Option exam fees (Regular) 61,923 Rupees
    Late 139,510

    Foundation in Accountancy Students:

    Those who are doing or aim to do ACCA have all idea about the differences of these fees. Again a different registration and other exams fees are implementing on students.

    • Registration and subscription fees:
    First Registration 16,400 Rupees (For Short Time)
    Second Registration 32,500 Rupees
    • Exemption fees:
    ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business (RQF Level 4) 30,600 Rupees
    Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) Qualification Same
    • Exam fees:
    Standard 37,200 Rupees
    Late 113,647 Rupees

    Certification fees:

    Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) Qualification: 29,140 Rupees

    info of fee amount there

    • Other charges applied on students are:

    ACCA Annual Subscription Fee 2024:

    These days, a good discount is for the 1st year subscription that is more than fifty perc lesser then the regular amount. But, there is not a time frame for this favor.

    Standard 44,439 Rupees
    For 1st Year Reduced Subscription 21,126 Rupees (Discounted)

    44,439 Rupees (For Regular)

    After this brief ACCA fee structure in Pakistan 2024, you can easily arrange everything related to expenses. Once you promise yourself to complete it at any cost, the doors start opening for you. So; do hard work as much as you can and fulfill tasks on regular basic to complete course in decided time.

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