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    For the connectivity purpose, the Karachi PTCL area code number is necessary to add with the original phone number. It’s uniquely nominated for every city, even district wise they are different from each other. The purpose of this code is to differentiate the landline number of one district to another. In case of a wrong code, it will possibly connect to someone else. Population wise, Karachi is the biggest city of this country that’s why phone users of this city are just massive in number so it’s really complicated to give a unique number to all of them. So, this code is the best solution for this type of situation. For any kind of issue please visit ptcl complaint center. Surely, they will also assist you to solve the query.

    Karachi PTCL Area Code Number:

    • Yes, Karachi PTCL area code number for the districts of Malir, West, Central, East, and South is (21). For the international users, its (+ 92 – 21), so must note down this difference.

    Right now, a misunderstanding among the peoples is that more than one code is applicable in Karachi on the bases of different areas. But, it’s totally wrong as this code is only 21.

    With this code, the pattern of phone number is 0-21-00000000(Number)

    Hopefully, after this, the Karachi PTCL area code number is clear to all of you. So don’t confuse it anymore. Moreover, a new digit was added in the landline number of Karachi in 2010 after which it consists of 8 digits that were previously comprised of 7 but code has not changed from the last many years. This changing has also misled many users because they think that maybe their code will change from one area to others.

    its the PTCL a best

    Still, PTCL is the biggest landline company that comes back after a bit difficult situation. At a time it seems to end but the efforts of its officials have survived it in such condition.  Hopefully, in future time it will perform better than this one. Furthermore, there is not an expected change in the Karachi PTCL area code number because no issue has found regarding this one.

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