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    It’s an absolute truth that Edwardes College Peshawar fee structure 2024 is thoroughly explained. When one sort out the remarkable institute of Peshawar city then how one forgets the name of Edward College. Soon in the 2024-2024 session, a tough competition is expecting to get the name in admission of FA, FSC A level or even for BS and LLB program too. This is the most preferred institute for this level of education. Recently, they include undergraduate programs related to business and computer sciences groups. That is a great job that different kind of studies is carried on there.

    Edwardes College Peshawar Fee Structure 2024 for FSC or FA:

    They has such system that suitable for both boys are girls to studied here. For FA and FSC, Edwardes college Peshawar fee structure 2024 is slightly change. They offer a different kind of extracurricular activities with debating society and drama productions to boost up the talent.

    FSC Fee Chart:

    FSC 1st Year Fee 152,400 Rupees (Pay it in three installments)
    FSC 2nd Year Fee Approx. 153,000 Rupees (Same payable in 3 Installment option)
    • FA Fee Chart:
    FA 11th Class Fee 147,990 Rupees
    FA 12th Class Fee Approx. 148,000 Rupees

    A Level Fee:

    A Level 1st Year 90,530 Rupees
    A Level 2nd Year Approx. 90,600 Rupees

    Edwardes College Peshawar BS Fee Structure 2024:

    Their BS line up is also now strong, as this have 4 programs. Fee of them is similar that will also take seperately for every semester. These programs are:

    • Computer Science
    • Pol Science
    • English
    • BBA

    Of all BS Programs:

    Per Semester Fee Approx. 45,000 Rupees
    With a gap of one Semester “Admin fee” is also charged that is 5,075 Rupees
    • LLB Fee Chart:
    Per Semester Fee Approx. 57,500 Rupees
    An “Admin fee” but this is charged after a semester gap 4,640 Rupees


    For the only boy, they also offer residential facilitates in the form of hostels. By staying with class fellows, one will follow a better education routine. It need that they also offer the same kind of opportunity for girls to but for this they require some time.

    • Some Important Contact Numbers that are the Property of Officials:

    a list

    Note: If you have some valid question then for sure contact on your related and specific one.

    These all facts are enough to understand the fact that if you want to make your future bright by undergoing the best and high quality system then don’t forget to think about this institute for admission! For Fsc or BS, Edwardes College Peshawar fee structure 2024 is coming respectively. If your name comes in successful candidates then hope so it must play a role in making your future better. Moreover, your work matters everywhere.

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